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This wiki serves as compendium for all things Wandering Star. A universe made for roleplayers by roleplayers - extending beyond character sheets to include places, tools, nations and history which are then submitted for community approval and is vetted through a quality control system to ensure balance and consistency. This wiki serves as a guide-book and repository, detailing all of these things.

Wandering Star is an explorer's roleplaying community. Self-aware, smart and occasionally breaking the fourth wall. Our universe extends beyond character sheets to include pretty much everything imaginable. This all goes through a system of community approval for fairness to ensure balance and consistency. If you want something and it doesn't exist, you know what to do; and we'll do it with you.

  1. Setting Inspiration and Recommended Reading - A bibliography of reference materials which illustrates the look and feel of the setting best, and we think you'd enjoy.
  2. Introduction - An introduction to the setting, and how to interact with it.
  3. Sandbox - a place for you to put new articles that are works in progress such as characters, objects or places! Leave ideas or rough concepts behind, and store them.


A list of players within the game. If in doubt within the game, hit up Osaka, Luca, Moogle or Eistheid on the forums private messaging to get a start on the game.

  1. Member Directory - list of members

This section contains essential knowledge for players getting started in Wandering Star Roleplay:

  1. New Players - How to get registered and start out
  2. Creating a Character - Character creation information & species guides
  3. Rules - What not to do.
  4. About - About this website
  5. Syntax - Coding guide for editing wiki pages
  6. Wiki Templates - Pre-arranged examples for different article types
  7. Roleplaying - Instructional guide to roleplaying
  8. Active Plots - A list of ongoing stories players can request to join and how to get started!!

These articles deal with using and making Characters.

  1. Creating a Character - Character creation information & species guides
  2. Characters Wanted - Jobs and characters listing
  3. Adopting Old Characters - how to adopt an abandoned character as your own
  4. Transplanting Old Characters - How to transplant a character from another setting.
  5. Character Skill Areas - Wandering Star's way of describing character skills
  6. Dokuwiki - About this wiki software
    1. Syntax - Coding guide for editing wiki pages
    2. Wiki Templates - Pre-arranged examples for different article types
    3. Wiki Namespaces - Where to put your pages
  7. Roleplaying - Instructional guide to roleplaying
    1. Player Rights - Your rights as a player
  8. Active Plots - Wandering Star's current roleplaying campaigns
  9. Game Master and Leadership Roles - Hub page for GMs, FMs

Everything which has ever been approved for use and many things which are still under progress (flagged !WIP!), the canon directory is the sort of wikipedia of ingame world where everything from places, events, people, factions and objects can be researched and investigated to better understand the ingame world. If something is mentioned ingame and you don't know what it means, if in doubt search here to find it!

  1. Wandering Star Canon Directory - The Big Ol' Page O' Directing
  2. Species - Species an stuff
  3. A list of notable starships - Starships by notoriety and class
  4. Companies - Corporates, from Mega to Home Office
  5. Weaponry - Guns, guns, guns.

When you create something, it's not just a toy for you to play with. It's a set piece, something to be seen and used and enjoyed by others. Keep that in mind when you are designing something. It's highly recommended that you create a sandbox page for yourself under “user/NAME/SANDBOXNAME” for a personal directory for your in-progress works.


Naturally, there are going to be things players want which don't exist yet – which they can either make by themselves or express suggestions and tweaks to - for variants, alterations and changes in direction or motif here. Make as many suggestions as you'd like, but please keep them within the suggestion namespace (the page linked)!!

See a redlink? Unfinished article? Tell us about it! Here is where to do it. Remember, we are not all-seeing creatures, so pointing out what we're missing is a necessity in this ecosystem.

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