Active Plots

The following plots are running in Wandering Star Online. For archived plots, check the list of Archived Plots here.

The Phoenix Team is a collection of freelancing troubleshooters operating out of Sargasso, a moon colony of Traveller under the jurisdiction of the Unity Protocol. They do work for a myriad of a clients in a variety of capacities - but something usually gets shot at or explodes. The end goal of the Phoenix Team is to clean up Sargasso from the machinations of the Tanhauss Group and the gangs of criminals sponsored by it.

Contact Luca on the forum or over IRC for information on joining the plot.

The Boreal Hunt is a monster-seeking team of ragtag hunters, trying to save and protect ravaged communities from incursions throughout Aleph. They work off of both direct reports and rumors to try and make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to beasties.

The starship LSDF Val'ta and her brave crew explore this new galaxy ahead of the rest of the fleet to protect and find a home for their people. Made up soldiers, scientists, support staff, animals, and madness, they come to study, adapt, and colonize.

Contact Luca for more details.

A new assignment begins at a remote research facility operated by the Lorath Matriarchy on an inhospitable world. So far things appear to be unusually pleasant, perhaps it really will be a cake-walk of a posting.

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