This page serves as both a directory for all weapons in the Wandering Star universe and as a guideline for anything that doesn't have a page but might not necessarily need one for the purposes of telling a better story.

Weapons which are usable by individuals, which can be deployed by people or persons.

When putting together a general line of weaponry for story use, it's best to go into enough detail that somebody gets a clear picture, but not so much that it might as well be its own article. The point here is to provide a tool for a writer to use, not a blueprint.


Chelti weapons tend to be too large to be comfortable for human operators, but some specialized gunsmiths can do good conversions for a price. Chelti weapons are diverse, and in some cases bizarre, many of their weapons feature alt-fire modes of multiple ammo choices. Their style tends to be minimalist, built for duty, and unassuming to look at. Ceremonial or personally treasured weapons may be highly decorated however.

Weapon Name Manufacturer Description Art
TTK-18 "Liberation" Assault Rifle Chelti Armories Adaptable high-impact chemical rifle
6mm “chelti” assault cartridge, up to 60 cap assault magazine
A lot of kick for human operators
SKT-1 "Intimidator" Quad-Shotgun Chelti Armories Versatilue mutli-barrel weapon
“Chelti” 20x75mm Shotgun Shells
Exotic ammuntion types
Ammunition Manufacturer Description Art
.236 "Chelti" AR (6x56mm) Chelti Nations Assault Rifle cartridge, relatively small project with extra powder.
20x75mm "Big Shots" Shotgun Shells Chelti Nations Shotgun ammunition

Lorath Self-Defense Force

:!: For more Lorath weaponry, check out the Lorath Weaponry page

Lorath weapons are built for the defence force's needs, and specifically Lorath needs where they arise. Their arsenal includes conventionally-propelled projectiles and artillery alongside technologically advanced beam and plasma weapons, powered by bacterial, hafnium or anti-matter battery packs.

Weapon Name Manufacturer Description Art
Hik'id Plasma Rifle LSDF Antimatter/hafnium-powered plasma weapon
For use by powered armour operators against infantry and powered armour
Firing modes include pulses or a stream of plasma
Cy'dyo Anti-Materiel Rifle LSDF Military grade sniper rifle
Powerful 26x177mm cartridge
Comes in Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto
Recoil dampening and robust customisable optics
My'hyz Service Rifle LSDF Standard service rifle of LSDF personnel
Multi-calibre, customisable receiver
For use with solid conventional ammunition
Searing Blade Lorath Fyunnen A sword with a parallel output of plasma on the blade
Edge of the blade can be heated, or totally aflame
Culturally significant and integral to the Fyunnen identity
Hand Cannon Lorath Fyunnen A mighty revolver made for a mighty caste
.50 calibre as standard
5 shots capacity as standard


The Specshot line of pistols are designed as holdout weapons. They're entirely barebones laser weaponry that are easy to hide and smuggle, but don't always pack a punch. Their general aesthetic is “small” and “blocky”, with few frills. Their manufacturer lives by the motto “it's better than nothing.” They come in two varieties - either foldable or nonfoldable.


Weapons manufactured in or around the planet of Traveller and its moon colonies of the Unity Protocol.

Weapon NameManufacturerDescriptionArtwork
Mark.8 Laser Pistol United Defence Directive R&D 'Self-replenishing' laser pistol
Battery-buffer carries 4 to 8 shots
Recharges from main battery after 2 seconds without shooting
Primary sidearm of UDD
Big Kill Kiloton Dynamics Single action, six shooting, break open revolver
Uses mass-driven .44 magnum slugs
Heavy, noisy, and deadly!
Odan .40 Pistol Wildcat Armoury; Military and Police Line Blowback action, conventional pistol
Uses .40 calibre bullets, magazine capacity of 12+1
Novel, narrow design and recoil spring positioning below barrel reduces recoil
Popular among police and security personnel
UDD Service Rifle United Defence Directive R&D Modular 6.8mm assault rifle system
30+1 rounds
Primary firearm of the UDD
Frequently carbine-sized for mobility
Tiger Claw Wildcat Armoury; Shotgun Line Pump action shotgun
5+1 cartridge capacity
Great for hunting

Weapons which are designed to be fitted to a craft or autonomous platform.

Weapon Name Manufacturer Description Art
"Navy" Hybrid Cannons Chelti Starship Hybrid Cannons Hyrbid Chemical/Mass-Driver Propulsion
High ROF
Minimal Power Usage
Ammunition Manufacturer Description Art
24x170mm LaCVA “Dragonsbane” Nation Armories Light autocannon ammunition. Design for Pest Control and to counter medium vehicles

A weapon with a special or unique mechanism which falls outside of what is conventionally “useful” in war

Handcrafted Models

In the universe, it's often a reassurance to have something made specifically for you by your side, something you know intimately and can be assured of what failings it has. This section is for designs people make themselves, but have become popular enough to warrant it.

The VendorSiil FiSirae
Wormsilk Wormsilk is an easily enchantable material that magically inclined individuals can expertly manipulate with practice and preparation.

These weapons are of a magnitude, of a shape or a form that they are clearly within the realm of the weaponry which has over the centuries become known as the weapons which must not be used in war.

These weapons have a potential force thousands or even millions greater than conventional weapons – even crude nuclear weapons having power one thousand times greater than the most advanced conventional weapons ever deployed. At the time of activation, temperatures or energy ranges comparable to the interior of the sun are generated - often causing severe burns from the light alone from many miles away if the activation point of the weapon is not clearly masked, guarded or protected.

These weapons often release ionizing radiation into the environment either via direct or reactive action and prompt exposure to this ionizing radiation. Potentially there is also additional exposure to this ionizing radiation from fallout which may come from an environmental reaction with the weapon itself, often via radioactive material cast via ground-effect or via chemical or electrical interaction.

Common offensive methods of super-weapons include heat-waves, blast-waves, resonance-waves, electromagnetic pulses and high intensity electromagnetism or matter interaction.

The following section contains links to society-specific weapon listings.

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