List of Societies/Factions

The following is a list of major governments and organizations throughout Wandering Star's universe.

The rulers of the Aleph Null System, currently in control of Albion, and responsible for the infrastructure in the Cluster. It is a constitutional monarchy with feudal origins and democratic practices established in PA 0 after the Aleph Cluster broke away from the Greater Cluster and established its independence from 'petty alien tyrants, all interested in their own lots'.

New and unknown arrivals, the Lorath Matriarchy are a space-faring race who escaped from another multiverse by traversing as a whole - systems and all - in a massive exodus. Divided into castes, the Lorath are almost a cluster of sub-species with widely varied bodies and minds, forking from a single coherent species.

Natives to the universe, the Raiconian Alliance is the central government that presides over all the individual Raiken clans. Its power over the clans has waxed and waned with time, but now, it is stronger than ever. They rule by a sort of oligarchical-meritocracy, where the best leaders of every field have seats on that fields council. Overall, the military commands the most power, as the Raiken are a warrior society. Currently, the five Elder Clans are in charge of every council, much to the displeasure of all the other clans.

The Unity Protocol is the name of the sprawling artificial intelligence network responsible for maintaining the cities on the moons orbiting Traveller in the Aleph Null System. 'Unit' is the name colloquially given to the many robots live in the System and manage it, and the many species that live within the banner are usually referred to as the 'United' - even if its not the case in action.

A truly chaotic maelstrom of cultural and political divides means chelti are in an almost constant state of war in varying intensities, uniting only when another faction or race seeks to make war against them. The revelation that chelti may not be solely confined to our universe is great cause for concern to some, as rag-tag Nomads join, mingle, and war with the Native factions.

  • Balance Coalition - A group of magically focused (human) kingdoms sharing Balance, in a state of isolationism and constant bickering with one another. While they don't particularly like outsiders, they will gladly lend one of their well-trained negotiatiors to other interstellar nations for a price.
  • The Digital Life Foundation - An enigmatic synthetic empire with nebulous intentions and goals, they are led by an entity called SILO. The Foundation places itself above mortal conflicts, and acts only only within the interests of itself and any sythetic or organic allies it decides on.
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