Getting started

Hello new player, or existing player who got a little curious. Well, the nature of this website means the content is broken up into two main categories: Roleplay (which happens on the forum) and Setting Information (which exists on the wiki). The way in which roleplay happens is either as Live Play (via a pad service or chat service), or Post Play (via individual forum posts) - each of which has their advantages and disadvantages.

All new content added to the site is vetted through an approval system where after approval, our moderation team will work to help you make your submission more 'complete' or if it isn't suitable for the website (eg: its overpowered, unfair or breaks the game in some way) is shelved or allocated as a one-use-only plot device.

Roleplay generally begins with submitting a character to play in the game, during which time - like any submission - we help you figure out your character's motivation and back story if you're having trouble with it and help you fit into the setting so you can get the most out of it.

A game-master then acts as the story driver (creating enemies and problems for players to solve) - though we recommend you talk with the game-master to help steer the plot or to add any ideas or thoughts you're excited about such as a side-story or interesting diversion or alternative route.

Sound complicated?

Hit us up on the Discord channel, or leave a message; as a community, we all work to help one another.

Further Reading

Setting Basics

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