Luca is a member. He is a GM. He works for you.

He works in GMT+10, so he is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Main Time, and about 15 to 18 hours ahead of America.

More is on its way.

Some ideas for plot hooks for our first few posts?

  • Luca's just got the Phoenix team going, and the first assignment to drop onto his lap is to investigate the new arrivals suddenly appearing with little/no explanation.
    • Cross Dimensional selves and such comes later.
    • “Which me?” comes to mind because “its Luca but its not Luca”
  • The new arrivals need to find food and shelter wherever they find themselves, and get an idea of how the universe is laid out. They get to deal with a street vendor who doesn't even speak their language!
  • The new arrivals need to crash land their space ship somewhere safe because it didn't survive the trip that well across dimensions due to missing technology.
  • The new arrivals land in Detroit.
  • Someone literally walked to the new dimension and it shows.
  • The new arrivals come in hot on the heels as another destructive entity, and must deal with it, or be indirectly blamed for bringing it along.
  • There's a conflict between two councils on Unity Metropolis and the PCs are bought in as a neutral party to mediate the proceedings.

I made this myself and hopefully we can grab something from it - I'd like to brainstorm more with others in future…


ROUND TWO! WITH BLACK CANVAS AND NEW WAVE MUSIC. < Old version, with less logos.

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