This is a page listing all the companies available in Wandering Star.

Logo Name Description Notes
The Cloverpaw Logo consists of four
paw-stamp shapes arranged around
each other, mimicking a four leaf clover.
Cloverpaw Size: Interplantery
Type: Manufacturing, Security
Media and Entertainment
Amusement Parks
Location: Aleph Null System
Gruppen Tanhauss Size: Interplantary
Type: Healthcare Services
Medical Research and Development
Security and Prisons
Location: Noir
Implicated in mad science and mayhem.
Harumi's Club Size: Local Business
Type: Entertainment
Location: Sargasso
Hekate Size: Interplanetary
Type: Magical Currency/Energy
General Goods and Services
Location: Cel Tonna
Majority shareholders/stewards of Cel Tonna.
One-Stop Size: Interplanetary
Type: Fast Food Franchises
Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
Spacecraft and Components
Outfitting and Servicing Garages
Location: Aleph Null System
For all your needs.
Kirin Games Manufacture Size: Planetary/Digital
Type: Game Development
Tabletop Games
Location: York
Also runs a games network.
Pangalactic Chophouse of Waffles Size: Interplanetary
Type: Fast Food Franchise
Location: Unknown
CEO position highly variable by gunshot wound.
Smile Sundries Size: Interplanetary
Type: Big-Box Retail
Location: Noir
Affiliated with Tohr Manufacturing for retailing their wares.
Swabbers Co Size: Intersystem
Type: Cleaning Services
Spacecraft Salvage
Location: Freight Carrier SS Gumption
Tohr Manufacturing Size: Interplanetary
Type: Whitegoods and Hardware
Hyper-Miniaturised Products
Location: Grey Sector, Albion
Affiliated with Smile Sundries for distributing Tohr's products.
Victor-Marshall Size: Interplanetary
Type: Sports Cars
Farming Equipment
Medical Implants, Terraforming
Location: Grey Sector, Albion
Kiloton Dynamics Size: Interplanetary
Type: Space Elevators
Location: White Sector, Albion
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