Player Rights

The following is a list of rights granted to active players in Wandering Star.

  1. ACTION: A player has the right to have the final say in their character's actions, except:
    • where a player has been absent for longer than thirty days. In such a case, the character will be 'stored' for the player's return, or otherwise roleplayed as little as possible by the GM.
  2. DEVELOPMENT: A player has the right to dictate how their characters and other intellectual properties on the site are developed. Nobody else may alter the development of another player's characters and intellectual property without permission, except:
    • To update the item's history based on current and previous roleplaying.
    • To correct typographical and continuity related errors.
  3. FREE MOVEMENT: A player has the right to move their characters to a new plot, if the player doesn't find their current plot satisfactory.
  4. REVISION: A player has the right to ask for a revision after a roleplaying session, if they feel as though their character wasn't portrayed correctly, or left out.
  5. PARTICIPATION: A player has the right to not participate in a roleplay, for reasons beyond their control IRL or personal objections to content in the roleplay, without fear of negative consequences for themselves, or their character.
  6. EXPRESSION: A player has the right to express their opinion on new setting elements in the approval process. Comments should be polite, and not intend to mislead new players.
  7. DEATH: A player has the right to decide how and when their character will die, and may coordinate with the GM to ensure the character death is just. A player is also entitled to make a character of similar status after a previous character dies.
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