Creating A Character

Making a character is tough business. To aid in the endeavour, some handy guides have been provided.

  • Character Template - A blank character template.
  • Characters Wanted - A listing of GMs interested in taking more players.
  • Active Plots - A list of active plots which you may be interested in.
  • Character Index - Index of existing characters
  • Species - A list of species including background or species without CCGs. (Note, any species without a CCG link below will usually require GM assistance and approval)
  • Skills Guide - A list of character skills you character can have.

Character Creation Guides

To help build authentic characters of a specific species, these pages have been put together by members of the site to get a feel for what each of the main species do and represent in a story.

  • Rolaan Creation Guide - Alien. Furtive, diminutive space lizards with a penchant for magic.
  • Belza Creation Guide - Gas fellas. Artificially created, taking a life of their own. Eccentric and energetic.
  • Lorath Character Creation Guide - Humanoid bird people with vestigial wings. Ruled by a caste system and theocratic monarchy.
  • Greaseheart Creation Guide - Human. Closer to vanilla gene-stock, worshippers of the light, the horizon, and the noise.
  • Mindeye Creation Guide - Human. Those who closed their two eyes that their third eye could open and see clearly.
  • Maidenhand Creation Guide - Human nanomorph. Warriors of ancient tradition who are highly social and biologically adept.
  • Hagblood Creation Guide - Human, mostly. Witches, wizards, and users of the sorcererous arts. A variety of magic schools and principles.
  • Oddbody - Human or used to be: Extremely variable and adapting to all sorts of environments, some are almost their own species by now.
  • Chelti Creation Guide - Alien. Vaguely humanoid shaped, widely travelled and extremely adaptive to soft and harsh environments.
  • Raiken Creation Guide - Alien. Walking lizard boulders with steel scales ruled by an iron fist. Not for kids.
  • Sourcian Creation Guide - Alien. A race of 'protocellular' beings, comparable to amoeba, molluscs, mycelium and sea-anemone.
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