Wandering Star's Rules and Community Guidelines exist to create a more consistent, and better flowing experience of the game. Staff and moderators are responsible for interpreting these rules subjectively, which can be bent in special cases or adjusted for the betterment of the community.

Above all else, the community as a whole must benefit from adjudication of these rules.
  1. One Forum and Wiki Account per player. Each forum and wiki account is an OOC entity, not an IC entity.
  2. No “face claims”: Forum avatars are whatever you prefer within reason.
  3. Art for your characters should either be original or commissioned rather than an adaptation or theft.
  4. Roleplaying standards are as follows:
    1. Unless specified otherwise, plots follow the 2-2-2 rule for language, violence, and sexuality and 3-3-3 on player request or special function.
    2. Respect the player rights of other community members.
    3. We're a sci-fi setting at heart, and magic and telepathy exists within exhaustive definitions. Going down the magic route with your first player is discouraged, as many tend to abuse it or power-play. If you can prove you'll be sensible, feel free.
  5. Articles that are ongoing are marked as Work in Progress (WIP) in the H1 title.
    1. Don't edit other people's WIPs unless they have given their explicit permission to do so.
    2. Fixing typos or broken links is fine though.
  6. At the point of submission, the final images for an article should be uploaded to the wiki.
    1. Work in progress images can be hosted on Imgur or another direct-link sources prior to submission.

The social norms and rules and responsibilities of, or proper practices of those using Wandering Star. We encourage people to be helpful and supportive of one another and try to create an engaging environment.

Failing to follow these rules will cop a ban.

  1. We require respectful behaviour to function optimally. Be excellent to each other:
    1. Profanity is fine in roleplay posts, not in discussion threads.
    2. Personal attacks, insulting others, and “flaming” isn't permitted.
    3. Creating unnecessary drama and trolling isn't permitted.
    4. Any form of harassment is not tolerated.
    5. User privacy is essential; do not post the personal information of other users.
    6. Deceptive behaviour (false ages, sock-puppetting, impersonation) is a bannable offence.
  2. Actions that impact a plot and/or the setting drastically without prior consultation and OK by those affected are subject to review or rolling back if necessary.
  3. Copyrighted content isn't permitted on the wiki unless you have the rights to use it there.
    1. Exception: WIP articles may collect linked references for later production of art or references for artists.
    2. Exception: The linking of scientific news articles explaining a given concept, again as references.
    3. These references must clearly be defined as such at the bottom of an article in a H6 heading marked 'References', and they must always provide credit to source.
  4. Promoting piracy and warez on the forums or wiki is forbidden. What happens between individual users entirely outside of our service however, is not our business.
  5. Adult content is not permitted on the wiki (in a sexual context) or publicly (no login) accessible forums.
    1. Warnings should be provided for adult content using a spoiler tag.
    2. No sexual content featuring minors.
  6. Spammy advertising is strictly prohibited, and will result in you being reported to blacklists.
  7. Do not quote or repost content that violates the rules
  8. Do not get into 'edit wars' with administrators or moderators, or vandalize the wiki. Don't even bother - we can roll articles back and lock them.

Above all else, don't be a jerk.

Failing to follow the rules and community guidelines will lead to a warning at first, then a second warning for repeat offences, then a ban for further offences. Three strikes, and you're out.

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