Lorath Matriarchy

The Lorath are a humanoid race recognizable by fair grey hair, pale skin, and black bird-like wings. Despite their wings, few can fly as a result of their exile of 5,000 years underground. It has only been in recent times that they have resurfaced and taken back the surface of their world from the Helashio. Through the bloody conflict, the Lorath were able to coerce their old enemies and bend to their will the above world race. The race in its defeat became the Lorath's penitent slaves, serving those that they had driven into the depths of their world in fear so long ago. Following their return to the surface, the Lorath found their society besieged by civilizations hailing from alien stars and for half a decade by their calendar they were forced as a species to once again bow to the whims of an other species. Unable to tolerate the suppression of their culture and the slow bleeding of their race any longer the Lorath pooled their resources and embarked upon an exodus taking them far from the stars they knew, and forever out of reach of their indifferent oppressors.

The Lorath are largely human in appearance (Notably except for the Bird-like wings, and the castes' varying heights). Although at a glance they appear mostly human, there are features which differentiate the Lorath from 'human'-like lifeforms. The most obvious being the clear division of the species into several sub-species. The first of these is House Fyunnen or the Warrior house, are very imposing in both physical stature and capability, as well as attitude. They typically range in areas of six and a half to seven feet in height, they are in every aspect a solid muscle. Second is House Llamnel a people that are often considered the middle of the other two, often gifted with a decent height and a decent build resulting from social habits of the Shamanistic Lmanel caste emphasizing long periods spent among the natural world, and performing many of the laborious tasks of the race. Finally, House Occhestia on the other hand is the smallest and physically weakest of the race. Making up for their small physical stature, none can match the Psionics house in matters of technology or diplomacy. As would be expected House Occhestia is the primary supplier of technology for the race.

This section contains information pertaining to the nature of the Lorath people, how they live, what beliefs they hold, as well as any information that gives insight into the day to day life of the citizens of the Matriarchy.

This section functions as an index of all of the objects created and utilized within the Matriarchy by its people as well as any miscellaneous information that does not fit neatly in other locations.

  • Private ship captains
  • LSDF personnel
  • Other positions available depending on current plot situation
  • At the Moment, SP has been disbanded unless otherwise noted.
  • JP's are done sporadically.
  • Maximum time frame between posts before character is pruned: Over 9000 hours

When making a Lorath, please contact DocTomoe on IRC, or through forum PM.


  • Past Online RP Experience
  • Availability During 'Evening Hours' According to US Timezones
  • Ideally Over The Age of 18
  • Moderate Degree Of Patience

Lorath Emblem - PA 269 to Present


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