Raiconian Alliance

The Raiconian Alliance is the name for the 'Alliance' between all of the Raiken clans. It is also the name of the government for said alliance.

The Raiconian Alliance was formed during the Isov vi Dyna (Era of Strife). During a war that would've driven the Raiken to their own extinction, the mountain sages of Clan Ormroth created a document that would focus their efforts on their survival as a species, rather than wiping themselves out. Their detachment from society made clear its wrongs. The Raiken fighting themselves brought nothing but blood. The sages called for the clans to use this energy for progress, not destruction. The clans heeded their call and for a time, they were not Ormroth, Rakavasu, Slevexa, Relatir, or Delrasu; they were Raiken. The document that bound them together is called the Tiam vi Raiken (Alliance of Raiken/Raiconian Alliance).

Over time, the clans have slowly formed a new divide. While the Tiam vi Raiken binds all Raiken together, tension has grown between the five clans of old and the hundreds of smaller clans that have formed over the long-lasting Alliance.

Raiconian Alliance Flag
Capital Sial'roshya (Capital), Ranil'inas (Homeplanet)
Official Language Nulsaa Vi Raiken
Religion Raika'roshya
Current Year 451 RAC
Total 9.4 Billion
Trend Increasing Slowly
Systems Controlled Six
Protectors Of The Alliance

The Raiconian Alliance is best described as mix of oligarchies. The bulk of power is divided between three “Nacur Shai” (Grand Councils), whose members are placed into power based on their ranking in society or the military. While the Grand Councils wield the most power, there are lesser councils known as “Zurak Shai” (Major Council) and “Ziras Shai” (Minor Council), in which their members are placed into power the same way as the Grand Councils. Major Councils manage planetary affairs, while Minor Councils manage specialized tasks, such as research. Each Council, no matter what rank, is comprised of thirteen members. The only exception to this is the Council of the Alliance.

The Three Grand Councils are as follows:

  • Shai vi Dradai (Council of Warriors) - Military Affairs
  • Shai vi Raiken (Council of Raiken) - Internal Affairs
  • Shai vi vuras Tiam (Council of the Alliance) - Diplomacy (Between Clans)

Becoming a Council Member

The Raiken believe that the best of their kind are the best suited to attend to the needs of the people and put them on a path to progress. As such, they attempt to appoint the most capable in any specific field to that field's council.

The Council of Warriors is generally clear-cut on whom will serve on it. The thirteen highest ranking members of the military will hold a seat. If there are any ties, which is rare, those whom have held the rank longest will serve.

The leaders of the thirteen most vital 'companies' are appointed to the seats of the Council of Raiken. Those who direct the construction of infrastructure, manage food, electrical, or water production, and those who manage vital industries such as medicine or mining are generally appointed over those who manage less critical industries. No single company may have more than one seat.

The Council of the Alliance is different because it is the only council with more than thirteen members. Every clan may send one delegate to each meeting to voice their concerns. These meetings last a week and take place three times a year. Emergency meetings may be called if need be.

Each council member on any council may serve for as long as they are able. Seats are normally reevaluated every five years.

A council member is expected to be an example and obey laws just like any other citizen. Council members who break laws are treated as normal citizens. If found guilty, they are sentenced and stripped of their council status if the crime is severe enough.

The powers and responsibilities of the three Nacur Shai. For planetary affairs, the Zurak Shai hold similar powers.

The High Council of Warriors makes the decisions for anything related to the military and a bit more. Its members are high-ranking Military Personnel, usually RC-11 to RC-13's. This council is the most influential and powerful, due to the Raiken's warrior culture, combined with the prestige of military service.

The Council of Warriors reserves the power to intervene in any power dispute between Councils. If a vote somehow ends in a draw or other Councils cannot resolve power disputes, the Council of Warriors has the final vote or final say.


  • Controls Production of Military Equipment
  • Controls Distribution of Military Equipment
  • Manages Troop Movements and Fleet Movements, including Exploration Voyages
  • Manages Recruitment and Training
  • Provides a Police Force for the Civilian Populace
  • Power to Declare War
  • Hold Trials for War Crimes
  • Power to Declare Martial Law

The Council of the Raiken manages the internal affairs of the Alliance, excluding that they control trade with other nations. This Council is made up of spokespeople from the most important companies in the Alliance. This council is arguably the most important to civilians, as it has the greatest impact on their lives.


  • Controls Production and Distribution of Non-Military Items
  • Controls Trade with Other Nations
  • Creates Edicts for the Populace to Follow
  • Levies Taxes
  • Judges for Severe Crimes
  • Maintains Public Facilities such as - Schools, Roads, and Hospitals
  • Ensures all Raiken receive vital supplies (Food, water, shelter, etc etc)

The Council of the Alliance conducts relations with other nations and trying to keep relations stable within the Alliance. This council is instrumental in keeping the Alliance together, though it wields relatively little power. The other councils pay heed to the advice given, as a wrong move can lead the nation into revolution, war, or separation.


  • Maintains Peace between Raiken Clans
  • Handles Relations with other Nations
  • Creates Treaties with other Nations
  • Responsible for Training Ambassadors (For other Nations)

More Information: Raiconian Alliance Economy

The Raiken have a strict command economy, where the government owns and controls every aspect of the market. From extraction of raw material to distribution, the High Council of Raiken and its lesser Councils keep the machine running through various orders and edicts.

Another aspect of their economy is their distinct lack of currency in any form. Trade is conducted by bartering between individuals and by requisition with the government.

More Information: Protectors Of The Alliance

The Raiken value physical prowess above all else. Belonging in the military is considered an honor and not all who volunteer are allowed to join the ranks. At the end of their schooling, any individuals who apply for military service must compete against other applicants. The Raiconian military accepts the victors into their ranks. This generally applies to combatants. Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and other specialists are judged by their marks. The High Council of Warriors determines recruitment rates.

The military is tasked with guarding against all threats to the Alliance, within and without. In addition to acting like a nation's standard military, the Sarsk vi vuras Tiam (Protectors of the Alliance) are also charged with policing the state.

The holdings of the Raiconian Alliance.

Star System Importance Purpose Notable Planets
Crias'roshya Home System Everything Ranil'inas (Home Planet)
Mona Rorta Supply Dirask (Independent Planet)
Imvia'roshya Supply Emakl'roshya
Dralu System Dralu Home Vassal Zsraka (Dralu Homeworld)
Rorin System Rorin Home Conquered Rorin Homeworld
Carnin System Carnin Home Conquered Carnin Homeworld
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