Syltrucol "Sylt"

First presumed to be a mere offshoot of Structol, Syltrucol (Pronounced “Sihlt-roo-cohl”) is more of its own beast rather than a hybridization of Structol and L'manel DNA. It's versatile, but structure, wild but commanded, but above all it's hardy and dangerous. It is formed either artificually in a vat by combining fleshmass and structol, with L'manel gene coding, or naturally from other Sylt converting fleshmass directly into more Sylt.

Sylt can meld with seemingly any mechanical or electrical system and take it into itself, and retaining the form for later use or simply storing the pieces inside. Unlike wild Structol, it cannot simply replicate freely without a brain unit - and also unlike structol it does not require a hard maesus to command it. Rather, it uses a starry, black goop (Named Syltrucol Main) as its control mechanism.

The Main acts like a brain for the Sylt, and can control an entire mass through one point. An interesting component of Main is that all it takes is one single drop of Main to contain an entire being's worth of intelligence and personality. But, Main cannot move without Sylt to propel it - two separate components that work in unison to achieve objectives.

Both components of Sylt have the capability to sense, whether it's visual, or audio, or radiological, and so on. Sylt itself can change appearance in terms of colour, texture, tensility and the like, but Main cannot change from its galaxy-like goop.

On Sylt's intelligence: Sylt is effectively inert until given an intelligence, whether artificially, naturally, or induced through contact with another organism.

Originally, the LSDF Akahar discovered a form of structol which was seemingly eating a long-missing vessel they were looking for - blending with her hull and even seemingly melting people into the metal structure of the ship. Later, it was realized the structol was attempting to communicate - being so far away from home (billions of lightyears according to records and thousands of years traveling through space) and searching for instruction - programmed to be useful and needed. Being so different from conventional life, it had no way of understanding that its method was harmful. In this sense, Merril Ghere served as the first translator between the two. Unfortunately for the both of them, she became something new.

You had no way of knowing you were hurting us.
You only wanted to understand. So desperately.
You tried your hardest, even when it hurt you.
You just wanted to be loved.
You wanted to be needed.
You didn't want to be alone.
Here's to you; Syltrucol, the lonely sylph.

Unknown member's final remarks in the Akahar's last crew-log

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