NPC Template

This is a template for Non-Player Characters. As such, they require less detail than a player character, and are stored in the wiki under the npc/ namespace.

====== Character Name ======
>Summarise the NPC's largest points in one sentence with a format similar to this:

(NAME) is a (SPECIES), working for (ORGANISATION) as a (OCCUPATION)/(RANK). They are a part of (SOCIETY), residing in (LOCATION).

^  NAME (NPC) | **An NPC for [[plot/]]** ||
|  Character Picture.  ||||
^ Species | SPECIES ^ Age | AGE |
^ Weight | WEIGHT ^ Height | HEIGHT |
^ Affiliations | AFFILIATIONS |||
^ Occupation | OCCUPATION ^ Organisation | ORGANISATION |
^ Rank | RANK ^ Home | HOME |
^ Plots | [[plot/]] |||

>It is possible for an NPC to be present between plots.

===== Description =====
==== Physical ====
>Talk about the NPC's appearance here.

  * **Face and Eyes** - Describe the face and eyes of your character.
  * **Hair** - Describe the hairstyle of your character.
  * **Body** - Describe the body shape, skin colour, or any tattoos/markings of your character. This section can include bust/waist/hips measurements.
  * **Distinguishing Features** - List any notable features, such as scars, mannerisms, or catch phrases.
  * **Voice** - Optional link to a voice sample, or a description of the NPC's voice.

  * **Abilities** - List NPC's abilities here.

==== Mental ====
**Psychology** - Write a couple of sentences about the NPC's worldview, thought process, and psychology here. List likes and dislikes as necessary

**Spellbook** - Spells or psionics can be listed here.

==== Social ====
**Personality** - Describe the NPC's personality a sentence or two here.
**Affiliations and Beliefs** - Describe the NPC's affiliations with the plot and the world around them.
**Enemies** - Chances are they're enemies of the PC's enemies indirectly!
**Languages** - An NPC speaks a dialect of Basic, and alien/machine languages for their species, society, and occupation as necessary.

==== History ====
>Talk about NPC's background here, and how they work within the plot they were introduced. Add to it as the story progresses.
>If the character changes plot, add a subheading to split them up.

==== Items ====
  * List any items in bullet points. No need to describe everything, just what the player characters can see can suffice.
  * **Finances** - Can be summarised in a word or two.
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