Character Template

====== Character Name ======
>Summarise your character's largest points in one sentence with a format similar to this:

(NAME) is a (SPECIES), working for (ORGANISATION) as a (OCCUPATION)/(RANK). They are a part of (SOCIETY), residing in (LOCATION).

^  Character Logo or Sprite  ^ NAME |||
|  Character Picture  ||||
^ Species | SPECIES ^ Age | AGE |
^ Weight | WEIGHT ^ Height | HEIGHT |
^ Affiliations | AFFILIATIONS |||
^ Occupation | OCCUPATION ^ Organisation | ORGANISATION |
^ Rank | RANK ^ Home | HOME |
^ Theme |  THEME  |||

===== Description =====
==== Physical ====
>Talk about your character's appearance here.

  * **Face and Eyes** - Describe the face and eyes of your character.
  * **Hair** - Describe the hairstyle of your character.
  * **Body** - Describe the body shape, skin colour, or any tattoos/markings of your character. This section can include bust/waist/hips measurements.
  * **Distinguishing Features** - List any notable features, such as scars, mannerisms, or catch phrases.
  * **Voice** - Optional link to a voice sample, or a description of the character's voice.

==== Mental ====
**Psychology** - Write a paragraph or two about your character's worldview, thought process, and psychology here.

  * **Likes** - Your character's likes.
  * **Dislikes** - Your character's dislikes.
  * **Goals** - Your character's short or long term goals. Optional.

==== Social ====
**Personality** - Describe your character's personality in one paragraph here.

=== Affiliations and Beliefs ===
>Describe your character's positive affiliations, such as societies they belong to, contact groups they have, or organisational and occupational ties.
>You may also list any belief systems the character follows.
>You may also list enemies in a new header if your character has made any!

=== Languages ===
>List the languages your character is capable of speaking, reading, and writing. All characters are fluent in a dialect of Basic.
>All synthetics can speak Machine, but they may have different codecs or protocols, which can serve as dialects, or new languages entirely.

===== History =====
==== Pre-RP ====
>Write about your character's life, upbringing, and any notable events in two to four paragraphs here.

==== Current ====
>Write about your character's current experiences here, and how they are moving into their intended plot. Keep this section up to date with major plot events. Big changes can go under subheadings

===== Skills =====
>Describe your character's skills here. Read more on [[guide:skills]] for skill areas. Starting characters usually have 4 to 7 skill areas, with the following skill levels available for distribution:
>>Expert (1 Skill may be assigned as Expert)
>>Advanced (Up to 2 Skills may be assigned as Advanced)
>>Intermediate (Up to 3 Skills may be assigned as Intermediate)
>>Basic (Up to 4 Skills may be assigned as Basic)
>Character skills may improve, or new skill areas will be available

=== Skill Area [Skill] ===
>Describe your character's skill here, and their level of competence within the square brackets. Competence levels include Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Master.
>A skill area listing is not necessary for representing daily tasks at Beginner level. For example, the Vehicles skill doesn't need to be added to your character's biography if they will only use it to commute to work.
>>If they get involved in a car chase though, a GM using these guidelines is unlikely to rule in the character's favour over someone with the Vehicles skill.

=== Basic Skills ===
  * **Basic or Beginner Skills** - Can be listed like this.

==== Abilities ====
>Abilities are different from Skills - as Skills represent common knowledge throughout the whole profession while abilities represent a character's personal twists on something. For example, many characters have the Vehicles skill, but a handful of individuals have the ability to make the car do some beautiful stunts. Many people may know how to use the Firearms skill, but some people can intuitively reassemble firearms or quick-draw.

**Theme** - List the source of your character's abilities here. This can include Martial, Gadgets, Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Racial, Mutations, Psionics, Spellcasting, and more. 

  * **Theme** - Ability themes are described in bullet points.
    * **Ability ** - Describe the character's ability here.

=== Spellbook ===
>Characters with skills and abilities in spellcasting can start knowing a few spells. They can be committed to memory, written in a book, or manifested some other thematic way. Describe how they learn and prepare spells, and their source of power.
>This section can also be used for Psionic abilities.
>This section can be omitted from the character biography if your character knows no spells, psionics, or other magic-like abilities.

  * **Spell Name** - Describe your character's spells in bullet points.
    * Subspells from a root school, an item in an array of spells, or variants can be listed like this.

===== Inventory =====
>List the character's inventory here. The following mini-headings are a guide, and can be added/removed as usual.


  * Item


  * Item


  * Item


  * Item


  * Item


  * Item


  * Item

=== Finances ===
>Describe your character's financial situation here. Think about your character's sources of income, and living expenses.
>Some adjectives: Wretched, Squalid, Poor, Modest, Comfortable, Affluent, Wealthy, Aristocratic.
>Update this section as is necessary.

====== OOC Notes ======
>If you have any other OOC notes, such as reference pictures, extra links, or extra music, leave them here as you see fit.
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