Gruppen Tanhauss

Established pa_251 Type Medical, Biotechnology, Health Records
Headquarters Tanhauss 'Furcht-Turmschloss' Tower
In Aleph Cluster, Traveller, Noir
Affiliate Organisations On Noir Leyline Data Solutions
Pearson-Baird Algae Mills
The Caduceus Journal
Vogeljäger Security
On Sargasso BigFruits! Company
Blue Sky Society
Ewings Slime Colony1)
Hilderbrandt Cultivators
Tølen Algae Works
Orbiting Traveller One-Stop Qwik-Med
Traveller Holiday Cruises
In Dark Space Marigold Laboratory
Zero-G Max Security Prison
Societal Affiliations Planet Traveller Governments via Lobbyists
Chair Persons Erik Van Krupp (Owner/Inheritor, CEO)
'Tem Hebu' (Majority Shareholder)
Ilsa Mout-Battenberg (CFO)
4d-75-6c-6c-65-72 'Muller' (Sourcian Calculator)
Dr. Tobias Lange (Biology, Cybernetics, Mad Science)
SloganIt's good for you!
Mascot Dr. Grut Hauss

Gruppen Tanhauss is a medicine and biotechnology brand name, encompassing a wide array of related products, businesses, and structures around Traveller. They are based out of Noir, with significant foreign holdings in Sargasso. Most of the company's research is done in Noir and on the field in Sargasso.

To the public, they supply medicine to stricken areas, advancing in organically derived products, and innovating in biomimicry. However, they have a less glamorous side, owning assets appearing 'out of character' for a big pharma giant. Not helping matters is the persistent rumours regarding a 'weapons division' passed around mercenaries, and other unscrupulous dealings.

  • Rejuvenation Nanite Technology - The basis of most of their health products, these self-disposing nanites heal surface wounds before more intensive care can be administered.
    • SPRAY - A can of 'spray' for application on small cuts, first degree burns, and lacerations.
    • NAN-Bandage - A thickly quilted, antiseptic bandage which can mend larger wounds over time.
  • VitaMed Recordkeeping - A health recordkeeping system intended to make the bureaucratic side of healthcare within Traveller and abroad easier, with easy-to-obtain and print records from local doctors and hospitals. Valid all throughout Aleph Cluster.
  • Hemalyte - An range of artificial blood solutions for easy transfusion.
    • Coagulite - A blood thickener and coagulant, frequently used for battlefield medication.
  • Qwik-Med - A commercial-grade first-aid kit found throughout Traveller, containing all of the most useful tools.
  • Tanhauss Cybernetics - A large array of easy to install cybernetics, ranging from replacement limbs to artificial organs. Appearances vary from overtly mechanical and loud, to discreet and subtle. All limbs come with a five year warranty.
    • Lange Limbs - For more exotic needs or specialised purposes ranging from pleasure, to utility, to combat, Lange Limbs have you covered. Lange Limbs are custom designed and installed for each recipient by Dr. Tobias Lange, and made to exceed organic limitations right out of the box. They often appear to blend seamlessly with organic tissue.

Specialising in medical supplies and biotechnology, Gruppen Tanhauss is a Maidenhand-driven effort to push the boundaries of medical technology. However, the company is known to cast a spectre of distrust with foreign locals for their exploitation of the workforce for profits, and relentless government lobbying via groups like the Blue Sky Society. There are frequent stories and incidents of them intimidating foreign pharma companies out of business and buying them out.

For their shady deals and less ethical behaviour (as is tolerated and sometimes encouraged to 'stay ahead of the competition' on Noir), Tanhauss is very thorough with their medical research. Using their wide array of assets, they conduct lengthy and broad trials after they identify their audience's needs. This is to ensure their products can reach a broad market. Once trials return consistently positive results, their product goes ahead.

However, to make those trials possible and ensure a fast turnaround from their design table to production, they frequently experiment on animals, plants, and criminals intended for death row. The success stories go to the marketing department; The rejects are either covertly set loose in Sargasso to assist with destabilising the area, or put down quickly by Vogeljäger Security teams.

Tanhauss' raw biological materials are fabricated/grown/recycled in factories and farms in Sargasso. From there, the raw products are securely sent to laboratories to be processed into the end product. Processes can include pill pressing, tincture distilling, vat growing, and more. Once created, the boxed product is sent throughout Traveller to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals via their logistics network, One-Stop Qwik-Med.

Medical record solutions are handled via the use of secure data centres dotted throughout each planet, connected to the planet's healthcare network and accessible from a local pharmacy, clinic, or hospital with the patient's consent.

Gruppen Tanhauss uses the mascot doctor 'Dr. Grut Hauss' as a marketing tool to sell products to clinics and pharmacies. Head of research Dr. Tobias Lange is host to quarterly doctor's conventions. In addition, they own the medical journal The Caduceus Report and publish pro-Tanhauss articles, being critical of 'unproven, inefficient competitors' and leveraging their brand name and PR to their advantage.

The primary colours of their packaging are black and white in equal amounts, with a splash of mint green to catch the eye.

Gruppen Tanhauss has the following holdings, by location.

On Noir Leyline Data Solutions
Orbiting Traveller One-Stop Qwik-Med
On Noir Tanhauss 'Furcht-Turmschloss' Tower, Vogeljäger Security
On Sargasso Blue Sky Society
Orbiting Traveller Traveller Holiday Cruises
In Dark Space Zero-G Max Security Prison
On Noir Pearson-Baird Algae Mills, The Caduceus Journal
On Sargasso BigFruits! Company, Ewings Slime Colony, Hilderbrandt Cultivators, Tølen Algae Works
In Dark Space Marigold Laboratory

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