Cloverpaw is a hybridization of the traditional box store, a catalogue store, and a warehouse store to deliver exactly what the customer needs, when they need it. It's a simple model, with small facing store fronts backed by a large warehouse attached to it. It is also the sole destributor of the Man's Best Friend units in the galaxy, and largely employs them as the shopkeeps.

The Cloverpaw Logo consists of four paw-stamp shapes arranged around eachother, mimicking a four leaf clover.
Established PA 265 TypeCommercial, Security
Headquarters: Concord Park
Affiliate Organizations: Communion Base
Societal Affiliations: The Unity Directive
Chair Persons: Seija Isbala
Company Slogan: Exactly what you want, when you want it.
Company Mascot Species: A black and white Man's Best Friend

Cloverpaw's specific offerings are limited to the Man's Best Friend synthetic companion and the box store model they use to trade all over the galaxy. At any given store, one can buy furniture, clothing, appliances, hardware, electronics, and feasibly anything besides perishable goods. While Cloverpaw does produce weapons and armor, it is strictly for the purpose of MBF use and not publically or privately available to consumers except as part of a specific MBF security package.

Cloverpaw believes in having specifically what people needs, when they need it, and only the thing they need. Oftentimes, this is usually figured out by a quick query at their kiosks, but can be extended to be a questionnaire if a customer does not know what they want. Cloverpaw does not believe in pushing product besides the MBF as a companion or security aide, so a lot of their in-store design is very clean and simple, with only a few signs.

Any products directly produced by Cloverpaw begin life in Concord Park or Communion Base, the two places of residence for Seija. Seija is the sole owner and creative mind of the company, and the only human employee. Seija takes advantage of a wide variety of creation methods and experimentation with custom design interfaces hand-pieced by himself. He designs it, and then sends it off to his manufactories.

Seija relies on a largely automated process, but has MBFs fill in the gaps where intelligent life is needed. Since both Concord Park and Communion Base are so large, there's plenty of room for different manufactories snuck into the layout (admittedly, Communion Base is far more impressive and the one in Concord Park is much more just an MBF production house). Since it's automated, products usually go on a smooth ride from design straight into testing, and then distribution should the product pass QA.

Cloverpaw has its own freighters, autopiloted with an emergency MBF crew, to get product out to localized distribution centers, and then smaller ones for interplanetary product passing, until finally they stock each of the odd little stores. Cloverpaw stores themselves are simple affairs. It is represented by a very small, customer accessible “lobby” featuring a counter with an MBF, a kiosk for selecting the item the customer wants/needs, and a dropdown pneumatic tube to deliver the item to the counter. The little room is directly connected to a much larger, automated warehouse space with storage for every type of product they are allowed to carry, but it's only accessible to employees (and inspectors) - employees meaning MBFs.

Cloverpaw ads are generally visually based, relying on the inherent cuteness of the MBF to lure customers into their stores. They tend to feature the mascot character, Mono, in a delivery uniform hoisting and bringing boxes to unreasonably happy people, looking as cute as possible while doing so.


Cloverpaw has a very strong presence in the Aleph system, but plans on expanding rapidly across the stars as trade opens up.

Production Facilities/Holdings

Cloverpaw is based out of Concord Park, but borrows a lot of Communion Base's infrastructure as well.

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