Languages often come in two forms: Simplex - one communicator at a time, and duplex, two communicators simultaniously. Each has a very different style of communication, with duplex often being exclusively the realm of cyborgs and aliens.

A voice frequency (VF) or voice band is a communication technique involving the vibration of air via specialist organs or equipment to transmit information as sound. Typically, it ranges from 300Hz to 3400Hz though some languages are known to exceed these 'commonly audiable frequencies' either above or below for specialist reasons.

Commonly used for international trade, Common dominates voice frequency communication. It is a naturally formed simplex non-digital language which revolves around the exchange of linked ideas in specific order - one after the other to describe events in linear time.

Common is considered one of the easier languages to learn and translation software is available for those who cannot speak it. There are, however, a wide variety of dialects.

Berechen (Placeholder)

Hailing from a northern colony, Berechen emphasizes the shortening of phrasings and heavy use of idioms. It is generally sharper and less apologetic but also more emotional in its communication. Speech is often lazy, with elements of words skipped.

The common tongue of the Raiken and by extension, the Raiconian Alliance, Nulsaa Vi Raiken literally translates to 'Speak of Raiken'. By sound alone, it is a rather rough language. Visually, it is almost the same. This is partially due to the Raiken's rough nature, in which their words carry as much force as a punch.

Although Nulska vi Raiken isn't spoken much outside of Alliance space, it is basically a requirement for interacting with most Raiken, as 'Common' is not a common language to them. This makes learning the language rather difficult, especially when coupled with the face that most Raiken refuse to interact with other races for extended periods of time, let alone spend the time to teach their language.

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