Galacta Candy is an Independent candy company started in Sargasso in early PA 265 by Seiren Isbala. It specializes in eccentric and unique goods guaranteed to baffle and amaze the senses.

The Galacta Candy logo is the image of a spiral galaxy enclosed in a shining sphere.
EstablishedPA 265TypeConfectionary
Headquarters: Sargasso
Affiliate Organizations: Cloverpaw
Societal Affiliations: Unity Protocol
Chair Persons: Seiren Isbala, Abhiya Verinas
Company Slogan: Bringing you the wildest tastes of the cosmos!
Company Mascot Species: A fictional, humanoid plasmate entity

Galacta candy is dedicated to making the wildest and most exciting flavours imaginable. Anything less is unacceptable.

Panda Candy's offerings try to stay diverse and unique compared to what bog-standard candies are made by INFERIOR candy companies.

Starblaster Originally developed as a deterrent for thieves stealing his candy, Seiren now calls this fiery candy his favorite. It's a mixture of the spiciest things he could find and combine, through trial and error, without destroying one's tongue and stomach lining in the process. It's core ingredients include cinnamon, one or two extracts of a reddish plant similar to cinnamon but isn't, and several different varieties of peppers.
Gravity Well A type of Candy that has a disintegration effect similar in type to cotton candy, but it's more like an imploding planet's sort of jawbraker. It just sort of shrinks, but not in the way a standard jawbreaker does. On the tongue, it feels like it is condensing, and at one point, it simply disappears As it shrinks, the flavour gets more intsense. Formed using a few handy sugar and flavour binding techniques that Seiren has picked up over the years. Comes in a variety of flavours, based on fruit
Core Cracker Sugar candy glass→Blue+green Coloured apple chocolate →sour layer coloured red, a silvery chocolate layer, and then a molten candy core.
Dead Ringers/Dead Star Bars Dead Ringers is a line of chocolate bars with special, region-selected fascimiles of infamous inviduals to satisfy murderous urges to bite off the heads of your enemies.
Galaxy Gulps Originally exclusive to Sargasso (As a way to avoid eating at the closer, shittier Pan-CHOW), Bamboo Shots are a meal-replacement drink flavoured like a milkshake and has a very similar consistency. It's made from many key ingredients, but the most notable is an algae that grows around Sargasso.

Seiren designs the initial and prototype versions of the candy, and then it goes through a team of refiners who polish the recipe into its final form. Usually not much “polish” is needed.

The Galacta Candy factory relies on separate machine processes for each major stage of creating the project, but has a dedicated team of watchers and operators going at any given moment to make sure the products being created are up to snuff.

Thanks to a deal with Cloverpaw, Galacta no longer has to do any distribution on their own end.

Galacta candy relies on colourful and spacey adverts aired on most local channels they can get on.


Anywhere Cloverpaw distributes to.

Production Facilities

A factory in Sargasso.

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