This page is meant as a general overview for a species culture, but should by no means limit you if you want to go more in depth on something like religion and such.

===== SPECIES Culture =====

==== Morals ====
>What is the culture's common moral traits? How do they treat others who aren't in their immediate family? 

==== Style ====
>What's their aesthetic? What's the general impression left on the viewer? How do they go about doing this?

=== Fashion ===
>Do they decorate themselves? What with?

=== Architecture & Aesthetics ===
>How do they construct things? What do they construct them like? 

==== Technology ====
>What is the culture's main draw? What do they like using?

=== Tech Focus ===
>What the society's main focus in technology is. It could be that they heavily invest in ballistic weaponry, argricultural growth in an underground plane, or magitek construction, and so on. Essentially, what they're interested in developing towards.

=== Magic ===
>Does the society encourage magic use? How does it usually manifest? How does it affect their daily life? Are there common spellcasting traditions?

=== Psionics ===
>Does the society use psionics? How does it usually manifest? How does it affect their daily life?

==== Agriculture ====
>Do they farm? What do they farm? How do they farm?

=== Horticulture ===
>Do they have any sort of gardening/landscaping habits? Terraforming?

=== Fauna ===
>Do they keep animals? For food? For play? What kind?

=== Cooking ===
>What are common cooking traditions? What is a likely flavour profile?

==== Religion ====
>What is the commonly shared belief system through the species?

=== Core Tenets ===
>The main focus of the religion.

=== Ceremony ===
>Are there any sort of rituals the culture goes through to celebrate the advancement of one through life and religion?

==== Traditions ====
>What are common traditions the culture holds? Is it annual, or based on some celestial alignment, or based on weather conditions, and so on.

=== Birth and Death ===
>How do they celebrate birth? Do they mourn the dead? Etc.

==== Subgroups ====
>This section is used for showing some of the varieties of subcultures, subfactions, or subgroups present within a culture that one might encounter, or 
that the designers may desire for the setting.
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