Seiren Isbala

Seiren is a Greaseheart, working for himself as a president of his candy company. They are a part of Unity, residing in Sargasso.

Character Logo or Sprite Seiren Isbala
Species Greaseheart (Bio-construct) Age 25
Weight 140lbs Height 4'9“
Affiliations Lazarus
Occupation President, Inventor Organisation Galacta Candy
Rank CEO Home Sargasso
Theme Porter Robinson - Sad Machine


Moloko - Dumb Inc. Introduction
Porter Robinson - Sad Machine Main Theme
NOW PLAYING Time to think!
DJ GALAX - Kirby's Invincibility Candy Remix Sugar rush
Girl's Hop I can teach, too!
Kirby - Glutton Silly moments
Vocaloid IA - METEOR Construct Expansion
Perfume - Handy Man Theme of Construction
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Seiren Isbala A Decision to be Made
Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World Ending
Seiren Isbala
Seiren Isbala
Seiren Isbala
  • Face and Eyes - Blue eyes. Round, cute face. Very effeminate.
  • Hair - Blue-grey. More of a grey than a blue, really. The style is kept short with the back ending in a point (Not a distinguished point, but it's just the way it was cut) and the bangs kept parted into two “tassels” at the side of his face.
  • Body - He's got a lean build with lightly pronounced hips, tends more towards runner's muscle.
  • Distinguishing Features - The strange 'tassels' he does his hair in. And his childlike face. Has a habit of randomly having his bag on him at any given moment. Also has a penchant for crossdressing.
  • Voice - pending


Theme: Seiren is all about gadgetry and chemistry. He has a lot of tools at his disposal, and has made some very dangerous weaponry through experimentation. He lacks the capacity for innate magic or psionics, however.

  • Grav-ren Grav-ren is the name he's given his augmented suit he's been working on. It utilizes Lazarus centrifuges among other things to give him the gift of unusual motion.
    • Gauntlet - Seiren has a retractible gauntlet that has a centrifuge embedded in the palm. He can use it to move himself or large objects with relative ease.
    • Bat - He's also got a bat with a centrifuge in it, which is used to augment the hit strength to absurd levels. Uses capacitors powered by kinetic motion to supply power.
    • Kinetic Shoes - Using more kinetic capacitors, these shoes can build up energy over time and can be used to boost Seiren like a charge jump. Or deliver a dangerous kick.
    • Ability - Describe the character's ability here.
  • Dangerous Candy - Seiren's been working on a variety of dangerous candy products.
    • Shocksticks - Candy shell surrounding electrified goo. Break to free the goo and shock the target on contact.

Psychology: Very childishly selfish, but mature in business matters. Tends towards strange ways of describing things. Focused on keeping horrible monsters from eating people in a sort of hero complex.

[Minpee (Higure Samon)] Himitsu no Fumi-chan [English]

Likes: Candy, combining basic mechanical actions with modern technology, guns
Dislikes: Stuck up cyborg types, people who brag too much about having cybernetic implants or owning the latest 'this or that'
Goals: To put his company on the interstellar map, and to be a hero.

Personality - Seiren is usually pretty impatient but positive. He likes to pull pranks and can be extremely petty if somebody offends him (Taking the last chip in a bag for instance)

Affiliations and Beliefs

Lazarus - Seiren is a contracted employee of Lazarus, although he himself doesn't do any of the work, but in fact only constructs of him do.


UD Basic.

Seiren was born and raised on Nonna to a small home. His parents weren't wealthy or powerful - just simple civilians. They were encouraging folk, and liked to push him to further his efforts on studying technology. For a good bit of time of his adult life, he wandered from city to city, sleeping in hotels, trying to find a job that would suit his particular talents. Finally, he was contacted by somebody looking for him - the Lazarus Consortium. Several inquiries, a mad lawnmower, and a few shuttle flights later, he had his reading and was paid handsomely for it. Lazarus sent him a consort to accompany him in his affairs and the occasional Lazarus job, but she was rendered comatose when one job went horribly wrong. With the Lazarus money, he built up a candy company and, on the side, funded his passion for heroics.

Seiren made his heroic debut hunting rock monsters around the Sargasso area while preparing barrier generators commissioned by the town. It's on this run that he met Luca Pavone - and maintained contact.

Later, Luca invited him to meet some of his other heroes-in-arms, only to get interrupted by a giant crab monster.

Archaic Weapons [Intermediate]

Seiren's spent some time practicing with a gravitic slingshot and his grav-bat, so he's proficient in their respective uses.

Firearms [Basic]

Seiren is an okay shot, but should not be relied on with guns.

Powered Armor [Intermediate]

Seiren has custom pieces of armor that help augment his capabilities that he is proficient in the use of.

Fabrication [Advanced]

Seiren is incredibly well versed in a variety of fabrication skills, particularly of the culinary arts. This helps fulfill his inventing capabilities.

Research [Intermediate]

Seiren is capable of researching most topics he needs when inventing.

Fitness [Advanced]

Seiren spends a fair amount of his week exercising.


  • Grav-bat - Collapsible Acornium construction with a gravitic centrifuge in the bat itself to aid in smashing.


  • Seiren has a variety of outfits and dons skirts regularly, paired with tight-fitting shirts and long gloves.
  • His grav-ensemble consists of slightly bulky running shoes and a collar that contains his helmet, as well as an angular backpack that doubles as a battery.


  • Seiren has access to Galacta company cars, which is good enough for him on most days.


  • Seiren owns the Galacta Candy headquarters/factory in Sargasso, and has lodgings and a secret lab there.


  • Seiren's grav-gauntlet is stored in a bulky bracelet, and with a flick of his wrist becomes a full powerarmor style gauntlet that allows him to pick up and launch himself or things.


  • Seiren owns a lucky dice, given to him by his companion.


Seiren is fairly wealthy as he is the CEO of a successful candy company.

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