Seija Isbala

Seija is a modified Construct, working for Cloverpaw as the CEO. They are a part of Aleph, residing in Concord Park.

Character Logo or Sprite Seija Isbala
Character Picture
Species Bioconstruct Age PA 165
Weight 198lbs Height 4'7“
Affiliations Communion, Cloverpaw
Occupation Evil Genius Organisation Cloverpaw
Rank CEO Home Concord Park


Song Type
ESPRIT 空想 - SUMMER NIGHT Nobody Will Hurt Him~
YMCK-Starlight I'm Going to Save Everybody~!

Seija is fairly human, with a humanish shape and humanish hair. But, she's got black-and-white dyed skin the way a Panda's fur looks.

  • Face and Eyes - Seija, like her “brother” Seiren Isbala has a very cute, almost androgynous look about her face - but her features are ever-so-slightly more feminine than his. Her black-and-white patterning gives spots around her eyes. She's got black sclera and glowing white irises.
  • Hair - Seija has hair similar to Seiren, but black. Short, tasseled, and unique.
  • Body - She's got a very slight form, with the only thing really distinguishing about her shape being her hips. She's barely an A-cup. Her skin, dyed black and white, is patterned in the same way a Panda's is.
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Mad Scientist: Seija is extremely intelligent and inventive, but lacks any real powers or abilities beyond highly enhanced physical attributes thanks to her artificial body.

Psychology: Seija is a very high deviation from Seiren. She's more vicious, more ruthless, but maintains an even stronger dedication to aesthetics in her work. She's got no qualms about murder, and would just as easily stab a person as she would offer them a candy. That isn't to say she's a wild psychopath, far from it. But, she is a person who will take any action whatsoever to reach her goal, so long as it doesn't harm her counterpart.

  • Likes - Cute things, sweet things
  • Dislikes - Ugly things.
  • Goals - Protect Seiren. Fill the Galaxy with Cute.

Personality - Seija acts peppy and happy to just about everybody she meets, and even when she's angry she maintains a facade of joy. Affiliations and Beliefs -

  • Cloverpaw - Seija is the sole owner and operator of Cloverpaw, and is one of the few non-MBF employees of the company (Beyond park personnel at Concord Park).


  • Aiesu Kalopsia

Languages - Basic, CommunionOS


Seija is a fork of Seiren's consciousness Aiesu activated for the sole purposes of retrieving one of her constructs from the control of Shlock Grunder and to negotiate business terms between Communion and Lazarus. Shlock eventually heavily modified Seija to suit his needs and caused her to violate Lazarus protocol to save the captured Aiesu, also converted to suit Shlock's needs. Needless to say, since that day she hasn't been the same and has gone on to build her own company from (mostly) the ground up, although still very much attached to Shlock emotionally.


  • A cybernetic panda mask, used for Seija's public alias, Ms. Clover.
  • Finances - Ridiculously wealthy. She runs a major trade organization and a theme park, so generally when she sees a pursuit, she can pursue it.

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