The Vendor

Based on an old Rolaan shocktube design, the Vendor is a form of MTG using custom shells, formulated to put big holes in bigger monsters. It was first put together by Siil FiSirae after the attack on Albion by the Burning Sorrow.

The Vendor is a single-shot breech loader with automatic ejection of spent shells when one goes to reload. The munitions have much more in common with regular shells than MT shells, but all vendor shells contain rune etched slugs of varying make. The firing solution is made of gunpowder mixed with a magically imbued crystalline dust for added kick. The rune etchings are for enchantments.

The gun itself has a lever release mechanism using the grip itself to open a hatch at the back, not unlike how one reloads artillery since its single barrel, single load, four shell holders have been positioned at the barrel’s diagonals for ease of reload. At the end of the barrel are short, vicious spikes reminiscent of an ice pick. Given the simple, sturdy construction of the gun, it makes an effect mace.

The Vendor is capable of firing standard slugs (Provided the shell size is appropriate) if one is stuck in an antimagic zone.

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