Within the universe, as presented in the WS setting, Psionics exists as a phenomenon observable as a capacity to warp and alter reality, bending the rules of physics to achieve tangible effects. This is most commonly achieved through a process that in most species is analogous to thought, the effects relying on the interaction of waveforms present within the brains of many sentient species whose fluctuations and shifts trigger observable effects in their surroundings.1)

  • Psionics are typically the result of a brain, or psionic organ and are achieved through the application of waveforms generated by the psionic organ.

Functionally psionic effects are the developed capacity of psionic capable individuals to interact with the world around them in a mental fashion2) allowing the user to bypass the need for physical appendages, or tools at the cost of draining the individual's energy, and potentially if overused causing damage to the body similar to caloric deprivation. This allows an individual with training and practice to achieve superhuman feats or at times more practical mundane utility allowing a great amount of flexibility without relying on tools or hardware.

As these psionic effects are observable and map-able in the brains of psionic individuals using any brain imaging technology, there exists technology capable of replicating the associated waveforms allowing psionic effects to be achieved through artificial means, though without a guiding influence these effects are typically less flexible.

One of the many results of the study and development of psionic capabilities in scientifically advanced civilizations is the development of psionic implants tailored to improve the capability of a psionic individual be in to boost the strength of psionic waveforms in practitioners, or to help maintain focus, clarity, or the proper mindset that allows them to perform their abilities at their best. These implants are viewed in varying fashions among the cultures, and sub-cultures of the setting some seeing them as a boon while others decry them as unnatural and frivolous.

Sister to the development of psionic implants, a large pharmaceutical industry is typically found in civilizations with recorded and well known psionic individuals. This industry provides compounds and medicines to aid psions achieve ideal mental states, as well as pharmaceuticals that improve brain function or aid in recovery after strenuous exertion from training or practical applications in the psion's field of choice.

One of the many branches of psionics is the Emotive branch of psionics relies upon the the emotions of a practitioner, being dependent and empowered by the strength and clarity of the emotion that the practitioner draws upon.

The force of psionic of these types has been popularly observed as an analogue wavelength in the brain, present throughout and strongest in the amygdala and keyed to the psion's emotions. Harnessing psionics creates movement in the wave. The wave is mapped on a spectrum, oriented by emotions. A psion's waves are measurable on a psionic spectrograph, illustrated as a circle within the range of emotions.

  • Psionics is about thinking things into happening, over bending the world to your will via a set of instructions as Magic does. The stronger the thought is, the more likely the psion's thoughts will manifest.
  • Psionics relies on the subject's 'lizard brain', the unconscious part of the brain responsible for automatic functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and survival. Therefore, higher brain functions can be suspended or lost, but psionic ability can still function normally.
  • The application of psionic power on the environment or an individual has a measurable wavelength. With special equipment, this wavelength can be recorded into a digital format from the psionic, allowing Psionics to be read and analyzed by computer.
    • This 'wavelength' if present can be amplified by psionic implants, annulled by a psionic restraining bolt, or drowned out by external interference or forms of 'psi noise'.
  • In many cases the stronger the emotive psion is, the more sensitive they are to external psionic forces.
    • Some strong psionics subconsciously share their emotions and temperament with those around them.
  • The manifestation of psionics can vary, ranging from opening the third eye, to glows on the hands and head, manifesting a bizarre eidolon, or hitting play on a pre-recorded wavelength to speakers.
    • Sounds heard usually include a hum or whine, intensifying with proportional application.

Wavelength is a spectrum of thoughts and feelings present in living things. Every creature has a 'resting' state of wavelength dictated by their mental state and conditions, predisposing them to certain thoughts or feelings. They can be read to gauge an individual's emotional status.

Psionics works by acting on the wavelength, utilising an emotion associated with part of a circular spectrum. The wavelength is expressed as a circle. The spectrum of emotions in a wavelength is as follows, with the strongest emotions on the edges:

Vigilance Optimism Ecstasy Love Admiration
Aggressiveness Anticipation Joy Trust Submission
Rage Anger (Content) Apprehension Terror
Contempt Disgust Sadness Surprise Awe
Loathing Remorse Grief Disapproval Amazement

The observable wavelength spectrum is based off of the Plutchik Wheel.

The following phenomena have been observed in psionics:

Psionically manifested material, commonly referred to as 'ectoplasm' is a variable quasi-stable semi-permanent substance that comes into being when a psion attempts to create an object with physical properties. The properties of psi-matter are typically analogous to real matter, be it gaseous, liquid, or solid, however, it demonstrates the curious trait that attempts to physically alter the material will cause it to dissolve and dissipate.

For example, if a block of psi-matter were to be manifested with similar properties to marble, and one were to try carving it, the sections of the block which were interacted with would destabilize and dissipate into nothingness instead of leaving behind dust or material chips. Alternatively if one were to attempt to melt down the block, the entire structure would dissolve and rapidly cease to exist. To this end, psionic constructs require the practitioner to consider and specifically apply traits to any matter manifested as it is impractical to attempt to machine or alter it after manifestation.

Psionic cancellation or interference is an option available to negate the psionic capabilities of one or more individuals. It is typically is achieved through the use of either a trained psion or a specialized piece of equipment that is capable producing a cancelling wave intended to negate the bands of brain activity associated with psionic manifestation. Typically a practitioner or piece of equipment broadcasts along standard known wavelengths for a given species and related sub-species. Better trained individuals or more expensive and military grade hardware versions will be capable of reading surges in brain activity that may indicate psionic activity and can then actively produce a counter wavelength allowing for the cancellation of even unfamiliar psionic wavelengths.

Psi Noise

A broader option for limiting psionics is one that is analogous to aural white noise; Psionic Noise is a wide band non-specific blocking signal capable of dampening or nullifying most psionics in its area.3) Expressed in a band of wavelengths, that work to broadly cancel out psionic activity in nearby sources.

Psi noise may originate from psionic individuals or specialized equipment designed to generally suppress psionic activity or to act as a countermeasure to psionic attacks. Notably, this form of psionic countermeasure is capable of incapacitating especially sensitive psions, and may cause headaches, irritation, or disorientation even in non-psionic individuals as it interferes with normal brainwave propagation.

To Empathic Psions it appears to be a solid block, engaging every emotion on the spectrum at once and overloading psionic facilities.

Like with magic any psionic abilities, items, or effects must first be cleared with a GM before implementation in play.

Though this is not universal with some species likely having dedicated psionic organs, as well as other deviations to produce similar wave forms.
whether instinctive, emotional, cognitive, induced, or otherwise
Psionics that operate outside of the known spectrum of wavelengths may be missed.
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