Starliner Mall

The Starliner Mall is a commercial shopping center aimed at tourists and locals who visit the Central View Spaceport in the Bay Grove area of Sargasso. Built beneath the main spaceport terminal the Starliner mall features a multi-level layout with each layer catering to a specific set of desires.

Immediately upon entering the Starliner mall from the starport terminal above visitors are greeted by a bright, clean, white layout with abundant lighting, crisp, fresh, lightly scented air and an abundance of cheerful travel themed shops carrying goods ranging from traveling supplies to souveniers selling the spirit of Sargasso for a quick buck.

Taking the wide double-helix stairs down a level brings shoppers to the food court and general goods section of the mall. The blue and green ocean themed level features outlets for specialized retail, general stores, and pharmacies. This level typically is the first to draw hungry and weary travelers looking for a comfortable seat and warm meal before continuing on to Sargasso proper and has the added benefit of leading potential customers to pass the souvenir shops twice on the level above.

Traveling another layer downward the lights dim and the mall takes on a more mysterious air with alternating purple neon lights and black lights providing the illumination over the polished dark gray flooring. This level plays home to large big box stores such as Cloverpaw, and Smile Sundries among other more generic stores.

The trio of floors below are known locally as the 'Black Levels' and feature a myriad of niche and specialty shops for those who know where to look. These shops are generally cramped and are typically run by less common races1) who take advantage of the low rent rates in the deeper portions of the Starliner mall as well as the lower foot traffic which tends to keep gawkers and hecklers away.

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