Galactic Territories

Locations native to the universe of Wandering Star that require no special navigation equipment to reach or access.

  • Aleph Null System - a solar system with a number of jump-gates and mass-drivers for rapid exchange of interstellar transport and commerce. It can be thought of as a mixing-pot of sorts. It is controlled primarily by the Corpus Council. It contains a high quantity of sheoul, a material vital for the operation and access of faster than light travel.
  • Kimoga Starsystem - Chelti home system, containing various planets including their home world.

Elsewhere Territories

Elsewhere is a shadow universe with entirely different physical rules, laws and properties. The exact means of reaching it are unknown and it is thought to be very dangerous, often compared to the underworld by those who tell stories of it.

  • Echo 12 Beta Rhoi 'Fury' - The remnant of an ancient supernova, Beta Rhoi as it is classified is a massive nebulae. Within its heart is a binary central star. It contains a failed planetoid cluster, a failed planetary nebulae turned gas-giant and a protoplanetary nebula formed into a small high density planetoid which follow an unusual figure 8 orbit. It is thought the system once supported a wide variety of different planets due to the composition of the nebulae. Of particular note the system is well known for being foreboding to travellers as not only are the environments within the system deadly, but the traits prevent rapid travel into and out of the system, with even a fast trip taking nearly a year both directions.
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