Animal Biology Template

====== Species Name ======
 * A short blurb giving a general idea of the animal and where it is native to.

===== Gross Anatomy =====
 * A description and overview of the anatomical features and appearance of the animal.
===== Living Habits =====
==== Habitat ====
 * Describe what sort of environments the animal habitates and thrives in.
==== Urbanization ====
 * Describe how well or how poorly the animal has adapted to urbanization of its natural habitat, or alternatively how it hasn't.
==== Diet ====
 * What does the animal eat? What can it eat?
==== Social Dynamics ====
 * Illustrate how individuals of the species interact when they encounter eachother, as well as the typical living style of individuals.
==== Mating Habits ====
 * How do the animals make more of themselves?
===== Domestication =====
 * Has the animal been domesticated? If so how and to what extent?
===== History =====
 * Give any notable history surrounding the animal, such as legends, notable interactions, etc.
===== OOC Notes =====
 * This space serves for any observations or notes that are not relevent within the setting but may be useful to GMs or players.
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