Abominations are living weapons formed out of natural materials and highly aggressive. They were initially conceived by the Seiren of Communion Base as a pet project that spiralled into something far more insidious. Their propogation across the galaxy means that Abominations can be found in nearly any locale, provided they have time to seed. They gain their name from their misshapen and often unsettling nature, although Golem is just as appropriate. There are two generations of Abomination available: One is a passively dangerous entity, and the second is actively aggressive.

Abilities Shortlist

  • Damage resistance like the parts they are made of
  • Must be one type of material (I.E. Stone, plant matter)
  • Projectile expulsion based on material (Generally some form of shard or spike, but can be poisonous or molten)
  • Diet that processes materials into radioactivity.
  • Generation 1: Can get colossally sized and is ambivalent towards life until approached or threatened, inwhich case it attacks.
  • Generation 2: Very hostile to intelligent life, but only about the size of a van at maximum.
  • Different abominations will work together to take on enemies if they are both threatened by the same one.

Life Cycle

  • It takes around a month for a seed to claim a van-sized body of material for its own
  • Life expectancy for a single creature is indefinite, theoretically
  • When one dies, it sprouts a new sentient seed that will reach for a new body, provided there's enough of the seed left to thrive.
  • G1: there's a 1:1 ratio of “natural” Abominations, and they have to be physically created in a lab in order to increase their numbers.
  • G2: They spawn using an initial seed that creates a single Abomination, which given enough time (About two months) becomes a fully fledged creature that creates another seed, and so on.
GM Tips
  * These are monsters.
  * Treat them as such.
  * They can literally be put in any place in the galaxy as an antagonist.
  * It's mostly gonna be stone Abominations, but they can be more than just generic rock.
  * Basalt, marble, quartz, ivy, oak, elm, literally anything is possible.

Body and Size

Abomination bodies vary wildly in size and scope, but they show a preference towards existing shapes in nature. Quadrupedal, arachnid, etc. It is a function of design that they tend towards these forms, just for the sake of manuverability. However, they can still take unusual forms and shapes (unusual meaning not found in nature). Stone Abominations cannot move around if they're smaller than a yard, as they simply do not have enough material for locomotion. G1 Abominations can be very large, often dwarfing office complexes at their maximum size. G2 Abominations only get up to about the size of a vehicle. Their bodies are made out of a single type of most nonliving materials or plants, with a few “once was livings” in the list. Marble, onyx, grass, coral, bone, etc.


Abominations can communicate through a series of trilling, vibrant noises, though there isn't anything beyond base animal intent in their calls.


The outer skin of an Abomination, aside from being made of one primary material (such as marble) is populated by odds and ends that grow on or accumulate during their lifespan. Oftentimes, the mineral-based ones will have various forms of moss growing on their surface. Their the structol lining is like veins, so if it gets exposed, one would see a network of silvery spiderweb across and under the surface.


Abominations lead a generally stagnant lifestyle, so they consume various materials and break them down slowly through their structol-lined bodies with radiation. They will eat literally everything.


Abominations use various forms of detection, once again depending on their bodytype - though, more often than not, it's a form of sonar. Crystalline one use lenses in order to see light, and plantlike ones can sense vibrations through the ground and air.


Young Abominations have a very erratic and unsettling moving pattern, like a creature not made for their skin. As the parts grind grooves into one another and the seed solidifies, the movement is still very unnatural but the jerky motion levels out. Abominations have a level of strength that suits their mostly stone appearance (Though the plant based ones make up for it with flexibility) and proportional to their size, and G2s can easily pry apart steel doors if left to their own devices. Both generations of Abomination can launch projectiles from their body, but the larger G1s fire projectiles so large and so powerful that they effectively work as massive harpoons.


In their passive states, the Abominations don't seem to show much intelligence of any sort. They roam slowly, they rest, ad infinitum. But, when the either type engages an enemy, they immediately pick up on situational logistics. A tank shoots at them with the cannon, so they learn to either shoot spikes into the cannon, or any number of other strategies. Otherwise, they don't use technology, nor can they learn to use it. The longer an Abomination lives, the more aware they are of threat types - though, if they get manufactured with this knowledge from the get-go, then they have it from the start.


G1s do not band together in any conceivable way, but G2s from the same brood tend to stick together. If G2 numbers in a certain brood surpass around 10, then they begin to form a rudimentary hive. Granted, they do not necessarily work towards resources or complex goals - they just do this propagate safely. Otherwise, Abominations ignore eachother's existences. If a threat faces two different broods at once in the same situation, they work together to fight the threat until it is gone. G2s will immediately attack any cognizant intelligences they meet (Humans and humanoid creatures, generally), but they do not seek them out. G1s ignore everything unless interacted with or threatened, and then immediately aggress. They don't have a self-preservation instinct once they engage an intellgent foe. While they won't swim through lava or walk straight into oncoming fire (usually) to get to a target, they do not run away from fights once engaged. That being said, there are going to be some outliers given the nature of genetic engineering.


Being synthetic beings, they do not have access to magic.


All Abominations have a low level psionic connection, allowing them to communicate with one another. Older ones can use Construction in order to build hives or reinforce their bodies.

This is a science project by what amounts to a childlike adult in a child's body. Seija created these as a pet project over the course of two years. The reason? To create monsters. He wanted monsters that heroes could rise and fight against. His first successful attempts were the Generation 1 Abominations, which admittedly fulfilled his criteria for monsters, and grew to an impressive size. They had a limited scope, however, due to their more 'reincarnation' based spawning system. On further analysis and advice from his beta tests, he decided to form a second generation, one that was less likely to be targeted outright (On account of the sheer size that G1s can be) and self-sufficient for multiplying.

With Shlock Grunder's distribution networks at his disposal, he first distributed the seeds of his creations across various civilized and uncivilized worlds in . Due to the subtle nature of the seeds, nobody even noticed at first. Seija named these Abominations because it suited their ghastly appearances.

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