Starship Template

====== Starship Class/Name  ======
>Optional picture of starship.

>A brief overview of the starship, its appearance and purpose. Keep it brief and to the point.

>Optional musical theme.
  * [ | ♫ ]]

===== Characteristics =====
>A bullet point list of the defining features of the class or ship allowing the reader to skim the themes and features of the ship itself quickly.


^Mass |  |
^Beam |  |
^Height |  |
^Width |  |

==== Mission Profile ====

>A more in-depth description of what the ship is designed to do, its general capabilities and how it functions. Such as it being a freighter, how much it might be able to carry, if it has any self defense if applicable.

==== History ====

>Historical context for the design, including information on how old it is, if it's descended from previous designs, and any notable points that might appear in the public memory. Operational records are optional

==== Capabilities ====
>Sub-headings dealing with various aspects of the ship, describing in general its abilities in maneuverability, speed, weapons, and defense if applicable.

=== Propulsion ===
^ Travel Type ^ Capability ^ Notes ^
| High Impulse | Yes/No |  |
| Evasive Action | Yes/No |  |
| System Cruise | Yes/No |  |
| Interstellar FTL | Yes/No |  |

>Note, most ships that are not dedicated Jumpships will not be capable of Intersellar FTL, but will be Intra-System FTL capable. Ships without System Cruise may have to use travel gates to travel between stellar objects efficiently, such as small shuttles.

=== Ships Complement ===

>A general idea of how large the crew is, how many people can fit in it without sleeping in the corridors, and perhaps their roles and duties.

=== Armament ===
>A general overview of the ships weapons, a sub-heading for each system along with a brief description. Links to weapons pages are optional if you have a boiler-plate weapons article ready.

== Weapon System ==
>Name and description, a heading for each type of weapon along with the numbers on board.

=== Active Protection ===
>Point defense systems, electronic warfare, reactive shields. If it's proactive defense, it goes here.

== Point Defense System ==
>Probably a good idea to bring one of these if it's a warship or armed freighter. A brief description of the type and capability. A laser system, or otherwise.

=== Passive Protection ===
>Ships armor, damage control, and other systems that deal with after a strike connects the ship and how it deals with it.

== Protective Equipment ==
>The ships armor, secondary protection, damage control measures, and anti-boarding measures, a sub-header for each.

===== OOC =====
>Optional out of character notes for players and

=== Inspirations ===
>Optional admission of where you stole your ideas from. -_-
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