Jirou "Decker" Harridan

Decker is an (NPC Antagonist) theurge Mindeye, heading up the intergalactic piracy group, the Galactic Armament Organization or GAO.

Character Logo or Sprite Jirou “Decker” Harridan
Character Picture
Species Cyborg Mindeye Age PA 240 (29 years)
Weight 280lbs Height 5' 8“
Occupation Piratical leader Organisation Galactic Armament Organization
Power - Kanye West Rising
Kamen Rider Decade - Henshin+Form Change A challenge is issued!
On the Loose - Saga A one sided fight
Boost up! Beet Buster! Who said you had a chance?

Decker is somebody who carries himself with importance. If he wants you to notice something about him, he will make sure you notice that thing. That includes his cybernetic limbs, which he swaps out based on the occasion. He's always impeccably dressed, clean and pressed whether he's in his actor persona or his pirate one.

  • Face and Eyes - Almond-shaped eyes, round face, brandy-brown eyes.
  • Hair - Jet black hair, done up in a variety of trendy styles, mostly for his acting career.
  • Body -Was once pretty well-shaped in build, very middling (Not bulky, not lithe) but has since lost all limbs in favour of cybernetics he can swap out. His skin is pale. His cybernetics are very top-of-the-line, with capabilities based on what society he's in, but for the most part look like metal versions of human limbs. Describe the body shape, skin colour, or any tattoos/markings of your character. For females, this section can include body/bra measurements at your discretion.
  • Distinguishing Features - He dresses very well. And his hair is fabulous. And he's got nice looking robolimbs. He's very, very pretty.
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POIRATE WIZARD REBEL KING: Decker's primary focus in abilities is magic and derivations thereof. Otherwise, he's got a well-rounded combat knowledge and application, and his cybernetics allow him to augment his strengths and supplant weaknesses.

  • Cybernetics Decker's swappable cybernetics have multiple purposes. He generally goes for full sets, but will mix and match should the occasion call for it. Unless otherwise noted, the limbs themselves look completely harmless on first glance, and contain all the dangerous parts in their innards.
    • Gun - A regular set of limbs with firearms in them. Due to the difficulty in making digits act as the barrel, guns in the arms fire from the palms and in the legs it's the heel. Has a built in grenade launcher in left limbs and a shell loader in the right ones.
    • Melee - This elegant set is thin and willowy, like a tree branch was weaved. Each limb contains a pneumatic press for enhancing strike power. The fingers and toes are bladed and long, allowing for fine manipulation of small items, but also for slashing and piercing opponents.
    • Mana - These limbs act essentially as a silo for Decker's reserve mana power. Each one contains crystals connected to the palm via conduits to allow ease of reserve casting.
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  • Likes: Dancing, Acting, Executions
  • Dislikes: Disappointment, losing every limb on his body.
  • Goals: The elimination of every single person responsible for the burden of guilt of murder of innocents.


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Personality: His public face is very kind, even demure. Just an all around pleasant person to be around. Never drinks too much, eats slowly, and always minds his P's and Q's. His GAO face isn't necessarily opposite, but it's definitely different. He's cold and calculating, but he still makes jokes. He's cunning, but plays like he doesn't know quite as much as he lets on. Has a penchant for wordplay.

Affiliations and Beliefs

  • Ex-EAD member
  • Leads the GAO, a paramilitary piracy organization that puts on heroics as a cover while they figure out how to achieve their more sinister goals.
  • Believes in not killing unless it is necessary/brings about appropriate change. Does not mean he won't kill somebody who is shooting at him.


Aleph Basic is the only language Decker speaks fluently, but he is prone to using magic to cover any blind spots when necessary.


What Who Where
FatherBraddock HarridanDeceased, Invasion
MotherAyami HarridanDeceased, Invasion
  • Parents were civilians
  • Parents killed by an invader incursion when he was 17
  • PA 259 he gets rescued from a mob attack on a ferry by an EAD member. Decker resolves to join them and become a part of something greater.
  • He first joins UDD, but displays his adeptness in combat and advances to EAD.
  • He rapidly rises through the ranks, gaining command of his own team. He works with a Mindeye named Rumia on occasion.
  • He is unsure of the targets he's given are fully deserving of death, but knows he's not got the full picture of the plan to make the world a better place, so he places his confidence in his EAD handlers.
  • PA 265 when the EAD was exposed and all hell broke loose, Decker opted to protect innocents caught in the crossfire rather than defend himself or attack those responsible. He nearly paid for it with his life, but a Belza named Synthesis pulled him out. They fixed him up with cybernetics once everything had cooled down.
  • Desperate Decker turned to piracy, in uncoordinated anger. Rumia snaps him out of it and he sets a plan together.
  • He gets a job with Shinka Studios to work on civilian-side projects like Magical Girl Aeternalis as the Quintess among other things, that way to build up a credible alias.
  • By PA 269 he had acquired a sizeable company of soldiers, mostly jaded veterans.
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Media/Communications [Expert]

Decker is very aware of how media influences folks and has dedicated much time to perfecting presentation and anticipation techniques surrounding media.

Fitness [Advanced]

Decker is a very gifted dancer, and puts that to good use. He has a natural predilection towards not getting hit by bullets when out of powered armor, and is generally good at his timing. Timing, of course, is indeed everything.

Hand-To-Hand [Advanced]

Arguably, Decker is better at fighting in close combat than he is at anything other form. Especially when factoring his situational cybernetic limbs into the equation. He's been trained in two militaries and picked up skills from his international compatriots.

Magic [Master]

Decker is a powerful thaumaturge and should not be taken lightly in a duel of magic.

Other combat [Intermediate]

Decker is well versed in in various forms of other combat, and trains on a regular basis to stay sharp in these skills. His long military history aids this with training.

Leadership [Advanced]

Decker is an effective raconteur and can rally others to his cause fairly well.

Arcanology [Intermediate]

Decker focuses a lot of time and energy into investigating new and powerful methods of magic casting.

Repair [Intermediate]

Through maintaining himself and being taught by his Belza companion companion, Decker has experience at the art of repair and maintenance.

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