Ebony is an imp, working for Harumis Club as a Performer and staff. They are a part of Weald, residing for now in Sargasso.

Character Logo or Sprite Ebony
Character Picture
Species Imp Age Weald-time
Weight 43kg Height 1.2m
Affiliations Harumi's Club
Occupation Performer Organisation Harumi's Club
Rank Staff Home The Weald
  • Face and Eyes - Wide face with big orange eyes lit with mischief.
  • Hair - Long blazing orange here with warm yellow highlights.
  • Body - Dark, almost black skin with a plumb body, hips wider than shoulders, elongated arms, and large head.
  • Distinguishing Features - Prehensile, extendable hair.
  • Voice - Optional link to a voice sample, or a description of the character's voice.

Psychology - Ebony is only just a little bit malevolent naturally, and enjoys playing around with mortals. She enjoys her work with Harumi, and can be quite mean if allowed to run rampant, but submits to stronger presences when outmatched.

  • Likes - Outrageous hedonism, being in charge, hair.
  • Dislikes - Prudes,and garlic smell.

Personality - True to her species Ebony is tricksy, conniving, and bullying when she wants to be, which is most of the time. But switches when she's outmatched. She has a pushy attitude with most people and can be haunty and bratty.

Affiliations and Beliefs

Ebony is affiliated pretty deeply with Harumi among denizens of the Weald, and among inhabitants of realspace is deeply affiliated with the Weald. Her belief in the inevitability of the Dream Lord is underplayed and not brought up at work.


Basic, Weald Speak.

Time works rather differently between realspace and the Weald, so age is something quite meaningless to imps. As such, time as a concept seems incredibly relative to her, so to herself she has been working with Harumi for “Some time” and stays as she's allowed to indulge her nature.



Species -

  • Racial - Abilities unique to Imp physiology.
    • Prehensile Hair - Imp hair is able to be be used, and extended or retracted via magical means to use as an extra limb, or many. The exact extent of range differs from imp to imp but is no more than thirty meters.


  • Magic Arrow - A simple projectile spell shooting an elemental projectile from a finger.
    • Fire, Ice, Dark, and Light projectiles
  • Barrier - Creates a barely visible magical barrier a few seconds at most roughly 20cm by 20cm, it can withstand light impacts but not body slams.

OOC Notes

Use Midna in imp form for reference.

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