White Rift Expanse

Very little is known about this beautiful and mysterious phenomenon. It is massive, spanning almost 20 lightyears across. It is thought to occupy six dimensional space.

Perhaps one of the oldest phenomenon ever recorded, the White Rift Expanse can be seen from almost all worlds, habitable or otherwise. Importantly, its relative position to stars can allow someone with a glance to work out where they are roughly in space without needing charts or graphs provided they know the arrangement of the stars in question.

The nature of the rift disrupts sensors, making it impossible for those nearby to detect what is happening within range of the white rift. As a result, the expanse is laden with legally questionable organisations and acts and serves as the main operating center of the black market.

  • Size: 19.773 LY in length, 0.3 LY in diameter
  • First recorded: Unknown
  • Ownership: None
  • The exact cause and effect of the White Rift are not understood.
  • The location and circumstance of the White Rift phenomenon makes visiting it a virtual impossibility (it is within an maelstrom) meaning anyone using it must use means other than faster-than-light travel to approach or enter it.
  • Within 6 light-years of its center, the white rift exceeds safety levels: entering it is thought to be suicidal as nobody has ever emerged on the other side.
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