Yttrium Indium Maganese (YInMn) "Blue"

Yttrium Indium Maganese (or 'Blue') is a crude gynoid working as a freelancer for the Phoenix Team. They were a former citizen of Noir, and are currently residing in Sargasso.

Character Logo or Sprite Yttrium Indium Maganese (YInMn) “Blue”
Species Crude Age 51
Weight Varies Height Between 5'7“ (170cm) and 7'7” (234cm)
Affiliations Phoenix Team
Occupation Combat Technician Organisation Independent
Rank N/A Home Sargasso
Theme ventla - vivic
“Yttrium is a soft, silver-metallic, lustrous and highly crystalline transition metal in group 3. The pure element is relatively stable in air in bulk form, due to passivation of a protective oxide film that forms on the surface. When finely divided, however, yttrium is very unstable in air; shavings or turnings of the metal can ignite in air at temperatures exceeding 400 °C.”

Based on the work by artist GynoidHerring.

  • Holographic vinyl wrap on limbs?

A variety of Sourcian known as a Crude Gynoid, Yttrium is seven feet and seven inches at her comfortable height though her size adjusts enormously using her synthetic limbs which extend freely and expressively in much the same way a person adjusts their stance or expression.

Particularly interested in humanoid reproductive behavior as most crude gynoid are – Yttrium's build mirrors that of the genetically engineered Jessica Ruins – now viewable only as a curvacious public-statue found on one of traveller's moons, Noir. Much of her body language is especially aware of this – for the purpose of social manipulation but really, mainly for her own amusement.

Beyond this, Blue adorns herself with gauntlets upon her forearms and legs, taken from high mobility combat-frames which are now driven by the hydraulic action of her own bizzare biology.

  • Face and Eyes - Commonly, Blue reveals only one eye at a time - having a very simplified nose and no observable mouth most of the time. Though she has two (each composed of a yttrium bubble, with an oilslick gradient of cyan to cerise. The other is typically held somewhere inside her chest - the socket sealed shut with a visible eye-patch of cybernetic components.
  • Hair - Strands of synthetic hair formed of hardened glass similar to fibre-optics sit over the eye in a swept gradient and down her back in a brilliant mane as a seeing organ.
  • Body - While many Crudes are hidden beneath layers of heavy metallic armor akin to black slime wearing armor, Blue's preference is to reveal her form by producing a hardened exterior of seemingly living plastic: poreless and always shone to a gleaming finish.
  • Distinguishing Features - Her scent when particularly excited is similar to that of a gas station.
  • Voice - Her voice is deeply modulated, learned from television to speak in a wide variety of different tones - often using samples in her speech with a seemingly hyperactive quint.


  • Theme: Yttrium's abilities revolve around simple chemistry and hydraulic action. Notably, she is quite under-developed in terms of her skillset, preferring to perfect her physical form rather than learn for example, advanced shapeshifting which might open padlocks.
    • Metal Crusher - Slowly, Yttrium is able to crush or push objects apart, similar to a hydralic press or jaws of life. She must be stood still for this to work.
    • Punch Press - Yttrium can rapidly punch or kick an object at high speed repeatedly. She is not balanced enough to run in this way, though can perform great leaps and landings.
    • Slight of everything - Yttrium's body is an ideal place to hide and conceal objects.
    • Flamethrower - Yttrium is able, with access to a spark or slow flame, create a large high temperature flame.
    • Self-Destruct - Using a spark, Yttrium can choose to self-destruct her body - only her “eye” surviving which can then recultivate.
    • Re-cultivation - Yttrium can restore her body from a hydrocarbon source - taking it into herself, allowing her to heal very slowly.
    • Fire Extinguisher - Though deeply hated, Yttrium can produce surfactant - a severe irritant to her body that is capable of putting out fires with great effectiveness. Its use often involves hesitation as the irritation follows for hours afterwards. Often, Yttrium would rather burn – and can for many hours before finally caving in and extinguishing herself.
    • Lag - Unfortunately, being driven by hydraulic action limits the maximum speed of most of Yttrium's physical motions unless they are particularly repetitive or rhythmic. While she can move quickly or with great strength in a linear fashion, her overall body motion is quite slow. She generally relies more on a solid Sunday Punch to finish off an opponent than precision striking – preferring brawling and grappling over stand up fighting.

Psychology: Though very strong, she's quite lazy and prefers to go off on her own capers - needing someone akin to a minder to reign her in and remind her of the situation. In spite of this, Yttrium is actually very protective and can be quite a bully she sees as someone interfering with the goals of a person she's taken an interest in. She is also a poor statistician and has a particular taste for betting.

  • Likes - Paint, plastic, attention, live entertainment, gambling, loud music, magic
  • Dislikes - Surfactants, detergants, grit, hair, dust, locks, confined spaces, her bank balance
  • Goals - To free herself from debt

Yttrium does not know any spells or rituals - though her luck swings wildly between good and bad with curious consistency.

Personality - Yttrium's personality like that of most crudes began as a form of mimicry - copying in order to understand. For this reason, Yttrium is quite impressionable if very VERY friendly. She takes a great deal of pleasure in working out what pushes other people's buttons and is a deep lover of pranks, magic tricks and games.

Manner - Yttrium, while very theatrical and fluid in her body-language (often acting rather 'idol-like' when there's something she wants), is actually very lazy and is known to drape herself over objects in much the same way a cat would. This combined with her large size and weight makes her behavior rather problematic. In spite of her great strength, Yttrium is quite clumsy and is deeply frightened by the sound of gunfire. Her motions are often so fluid that a simple task such as threading a needle or aiming a ranged weapon are flat out impossible without some sort of assistance.

Affiliations and Beliefs

Yttrium's primary relationship is with Luca Pavone - a human she has taken something of a shining to after essentially being indebited for giving her somewhere to live after escaping her debt collectors. She returns the favor in what she was originally trained and cultivated to do: hard labor and soldiering. In doing so, se is part of the Phoenix Team.

Like many aliens, Yttrium has her own entirely unique palette of emotions unlike that of humans and finds Luca's behavior particularly interesting. Specifically, she dislikes that he doesn't express as well as others do, making Luca something of a pitycase to Yttrium.

She is also a friend of Kale Namach.

She is rare to share her origins or her history but from what little is known, Yttrium was at some point a very successful poker player. She believes deeply in the existence of luck and in spite of her seemingly synthetic appearance is not statistically minded or logical - instead, her personality very impulsive and aggressive.

Sexuality particularly, excites Yttrium, who will flirt with most anything.


Yttrium is currently on the run from debt collectors from those she's conned or tricked in the past, especially from Noir. They are known to impersonate police officers in order to make public arrests.


Yttrium can speak Basic, Crude, Sourcia, Machine and a wide variety of different dialects of slang related to the Traveller planetary cluster.

Little about Yttrium's real origins are known, aside from the fact she grew up somewhere in the general vicinity of Traveller. Early on like many Sourcia, Yttrium was lured in by gambling due to her inherent understanding of probability and her inherent misunderstanding about the honesty of those she would be gambling with. Innocent in her early days, Yttrium quickly wised up to the notion that not everyone was her friend, nor were they all interested in her for lawful or wholesome reasons.

Soon, Yttrium was able to defend herself out loud but while she was physically gifted, she had little in the way to offer in combat - being particularly clumsy and having what boards on disability with her use of firearms. She soon became a bodyguard, hidden in broken powered-armor while pretending it was perfectly functional.

Into her third bodyguard job, she was rudely interrupted while trying to enjoy some uncooked noodles by debt collectors, disguised as law-enforcement with a stolen armored truck. Erupting into a brawl and soon a chase, Luca Pavone intervened. Bringing the truck to a deliciously screeching halt into a flower shop after smearing one of the collectors into paste as the truck rolled and the other falling from a great height down the bypass.

The two now live together, Yttrium a particularly rude housemate.

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Identification [Master]

Yttrium can using taste and smell, 'see' the chemical structure of an object given attention. The more complex an object is, the longer it takes to identify - with very complex nano materials taking hours. To this end, Yttrium has named herself after her favorite 'taste' - a nontoxic blue chemical dye which she often carries on her person.

Vocal & Acting [Intermediate]

Yttrium takes painstakingly close observation of human speech and pretence. This extends into song and dance, which she is surprisingly apt with given her large physical size. Her natural body language is often theatrical and stage-like.

Mechanic [Advanced]

Though rarely used, Yttrium has an excellent understanding of fuel-combustion engine systems, pumps, cooling systems, controllers and vehicles in general. She can often diagnose problems very quickly just by listening to the sound of an engine and can identify the make and model of an engine from a distance - such as a passing aircraft, starship or car. Unfortunately she is less experienced with electrically driven systems.

Demolition [Intermediate]

Yttrium is highly experienced in finding the weak-points of large structure and the proper use of explosives - her body giving her great accordance for making mistakes she can learn from that others would not. Yttrium also has a great understanding of parabolic arcs and rebounding and can use the two to great effect paired with explosives or special equipment. For this reason, Yttrium almost constantly carried a supply of small bombs on her person. She has a great preference for explosive weapons for this reason, including wire-guided rockets and is also highly experienced with the use of a flamethrower.

Dumb Luck [Advanced]

Yttrium can often by accident gain particularly surreal results in complex and nuanced acts. This luck dips both ways however as with some of the simplest acts, Yttrium can fail spectacularly. She is quickly able to gauge whether she is on a winning streak, though has never learned to identify when to cut her losses - being particularly stubborn that the next will be the one. To this end, Yttrium can be quite remarkably clumsy if excited.

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  • None


  • External Armour Plating


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  • None


Yttrium is currently moving from job to job, with little disposable income.

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