Taela Kaila

Taela is a biosynthetic humanoid, working for herself as a freelance bounty hunter/racer/foodie. She runs her own ship, the Opportunity's Knock and runs around space doing whatever..

Taela Kaila
Species Custom - Biosynthetic Humanoid Age 28 Years
Weight 175 lbs (79.3kg) Height 5' 2“ (157cm)
Affiliations Independent, Communion
Occupation Freelancer Organisation N/A
Rank Captain Home Opportunity's Knock
Vocal Reference Caxx
Music ThemesTypes
National Bubblegum Bitch Main Theme
Just Love Battle Theme
Electroheart Mech Theme
Vocaloid IA - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story Striding the Cosmos In Rage!
Dan Croll - From Nowhere Disagreeable Circumstances
Mieta zo, Ending ga Building Tension
Tape Five - Cool Cat in Town Night on the Town
Taela Kaila

  • Face and Eyes - Taela's face is typically found either in a cocky grin or a dour scowl. It's a round thing, without any particularly hard bony edges.
  • Hair - Taela's hair is best described as mahogany brown and wavy. She tends to keep it in short-drilllike curls that come down to her chin., but is also found wearing it back in a ponytail or just down.
  • Body Taela's body is composed mostly of lean muscle, a result of smart engineering rather than any form of genetics. As of late, she's been indulging in many pleasures and pastitmes and eating very well, so while she is still healthy, she has put on a not insignificant amount of weight.
  • Distinguishing Features - She has cat ears, with brown fur to match her hair, and a cybernetic cat tail that looks completely natural. Both were gifts from Shlock.


Psionics: Taela's abilities are mostly centered around rage fueled psionics, with a bit of cybernetic boosting from her engineering thrown in for good measure.

  • Furypathy Taela's psionics manifest themselves in a way that her rage can fuel, forcing(allowing?) her to push her body beyond reasonable limits through psionic augmentation and boosting.
    • 1 - Aesthetically, her psionics manifest as an ethereal green energy. When used in melee, her arms appear to be made out of the stuff. If used for Construction, with a little added focus, it can be coloured and textured differently.
    • 2 - She is capable of creating rending strikes that extend her reach and scythe through flesh and rake armor. See Reave for the longer ranged version.
    • 3 - With her rage, she can also draw upon her enemies' essence to feed her fire and soothe her wounds.
    • 4 - She is capable of manifesting solid material, this can become a form of armor on her body, protecting vital spots as she blazes through combat. The more essence she pulls from enemies, the stronger the armor can be.
    • 5 - While attacking with her tail, she can augment it by forming edges in whatever fashion she needs mid movement, like an axe head, a sword's edge, a spear's tip, and so on.
    • 6 - Additionally, she can form punching daggers onto her armor. When she isn't using her tail to attack, this is her primary method.
  • Reave Taela fires what amounts to a beam of psionic energy from her hands. Depending on her anger, it can go from burning flesh to melting steel. She can also fire it from her mouth. Because why the fuck not.
  • Construction Taela, using similar means to her basic manifestation abilities, can focus for a time and make a permanent psionic construct. Currently, this has been used for the construction of her yacht, the Opportunity's Knock. Larger and more elaborate things require days at a time (Like the yacht), and require absolute concentration. Smaller and simpler things (Like, say, a buckler) can take mere seconds at most.
    • 1 - Can also be used to a limited extent for active units to do her bidding a la summons. She prefers not to use this since this requires more focus than making a permanent machine.
    • 2 - Describe the character's ability here.
  • Detection Able to naturally sense, based on nearby surrounding factors, likely events and outcomes that may affect her. But only actionable ones, not verbal/mental ones.
  • Boost Taela can use her psionic abilities to giv herself limited flight capabilities or rushes of speed, much like an afterburner.
  • Burst Using the same principles as Boost, Taela can emit a wave of psionic energy around herself to push things away.
  • Tether With her abilities, Taela can tether herself to another object using a psionic strand, allowing her to fling herself or other things around.
  • Impact Taela can force her psionics to smash objects at range.


  • Strength She can casually lift around 500lbs (226kg) worth of goods. When raging, this (casually) triples to 1500lbs. (680kg)
  • Speed Thanks to her genetic modification, Taela can easily reach 10mph with a jog. With raging, this only slightly increases to 15mph.
  • Healing Her body's rate of healing is only doubled with her gene modding, but is rapidly accelerated when consuming essence.
  • Durability This is the most notable natural increase. Shlock augmented her to last, and as such she's a lot harder to cut or bruise than most folks. Cheap knives might even break on her skin. She can also breathe through her skin, so suffocation via choking is not viable.
  • Metabolism Much of what Taela does is food fueled, and as such she can eat a considerable amount to store as energy for later, and is able to process food quickly. She also has two stomachs, though the second is more for hiding things in than digestion (the convenience of secret pockets for an agent).
  • Senses In general, Taela is in constant peak form due to her construction. Her hearing can pick out conversations in a crowded room, should she focus. Her eyes can spot the hairs off a flea at 50 paces. Her taste is so good that she could eat at a 5 star restaurant and actually enjoy it. and so on.
  • Tail/Tael Jacked into her nervous system, Taela has a fake tail that connects at the base of her spine, acting as a natural prehensile extension of it. It has its own suite of sensors that she can pull from, and when disconnected she can use it for a variety of things (mostly bludgeoning and grappling. It can extend up to three times its length.
  • Surface - The fur is fine to the touch, but on command can harden into solid carbon edges or surfaces.
  • Consumption - The tail has the capability to drain fluids from creatures and resevoirs alike, and in extreme cases, can open up (using a variety of confusing flexible superfabrics and tech) to swallow things whole to break down for Taela's body.
  • Inject - By the same token of draining, the tail can form a needle point to inject other creatures with locally produced or stored fluids.
  • Force - The fibers of the tail themselves are highly versatile, and can be applied to form a narrow edge by flowing all in one direction. Or, if need be, the whole thing can be electrified for the sake of stun-batonning.
  • Range - The tail can emit a bright light, either to illuminate or to flash as in a flashbang. Or, it can send a directed energy pulse as an EMP weapon would at targets. Or, it can flood, spam, and jam infared and radio frequencies.
  • Mental - The tail itself can be used to see and feed information to Taela, and has its own suite of processors to aid in her movement and situational awareness. In other words, kitty tail gives her balance.

Psychology: Taela is a self-confident person, in that she is confident in her own abilities to solve problems she faces. She is likely prone to bottling up her irritation and not expressing it beyond getting stone cold drunk, so it ends up affecting her interactions with others. She continually seeks ways to alleviate her rage. Due to her involvement with shlock, she has trouble trusting others beyond a very close circle or those that happen to fall in with her due to similar circumstance. She doesn't like to let people onto what she likes, for fear of having it be used against her in some way. Taela moves forward no matter what, due to both nature and her experience as a test pilot and doesn't really “shut down” or panic when dire circumstance happens. That does not mean she can't get flustered. In general, she's pretty directionless, having had much of her life either directly or indirectly guided by others - so naturally she doesn't have much to go on other than “have a good time”.

Likes: Rain, Oceans, puffy pastries with lightly sugary flavor. Getting laid.
Dislikes: Loud screeching noises, bitter and sour things, people touching her without her permission
Goals: Live satisfyingly.

Personality - She gives off the impression of being open, but tends to avoid personal questions. Taela tends to strike out first in conversation, and if she wants something, she will get it. One way or another. She's very blunt and focused on the physical things, rather than the emotional.

Affiliations and Beliefs

  • Communion Taela has loose, very estranged ties to the Communion Group, headed by Shlock Grunder. Mostly due to several years of indentured servitude due to a bum-rushed fraudulent contract brought on by property damage.
  • Unity Underground Racing Taela is a talented drag racer when it comes to airbikes, so naturally she's becoming known in the circuit for being a ruthless driver.


Basic Lorath (Speaking only)

FatherShira Kaila
SisterAyla Kaila1 year younger
BrotherKosu Kaila2.5 years younger
SisterVivi Kaila8 years younger

Taela began her life as a tank-bred but genetically created heiress to the Vadral Royalty on Balance. She was uncorked partway through being a child, so she had all the basic building blocks of being a person while skipping the messy, messy first bits. She spent much of her life loathing the royal responsibilities and rigid courtly life that were required of the Firstborn, and often tried to gently suggest that the responsibilities be given to her younger siblings. Even more, she hated the suitors that she had to humor (Particularly the older, more lecherous ones).

Taela eventually ran away from home by stowing aboard a merchant freighter. After many weeks of travel, she landed a warehouse job where she was hiding out in, first being a simple logistics person and then moving up to power loader operator. It was there she found a listing to be a test pilot for a weapons manufacturer, and went for it. Against all odds, she survived the piloting initiative - at relative cost to her own persona. After three years of this, she said “fuck it” and jumped ship with her pension and pay in tow.

This would prove to be a terrible mistake. She decided to take a vacation to what is likely the universe's most exciting and dangerous theme park/casino, Communion Base. After a run in with some unscrupulous individuals, she got press-ganged into signing a trumped-up contract effectively signing her rights as a person over until she had earned enough to pay for the clearly overpriced property damage she had caused.

This went on for several years and got her body modified to suit Shlock's needs, both in business and pleasure. But eventually, she earned her way out of there and went back to her company. Though, she somehow managed to profit from the venture, as her bank account had several times the amount she had arrived on base with.

She eventually rekindled a cameraderie with one of her copilots from the program, a dj-turned-pilot-turned-dj. during this time, she discovered her psionic abilities and constructed her ship, a beautiful yacht of unique proportions. And then, without any planning whatsoever, she fell into some sort of relationship with the copilot and they left the station to start a new life, traveling and chilling in space.

Some other things would happen along the way. She chartered space on her ship as a passenger vessel, and had a synthetic bounty hunter join her strange bedfellows, along with Taela's customized armor which kept getting new names. There was food, and laughter, and asshole racers that needed to be punched and then brought to the bounty office.

While spending time in Sargasso for one of her lover's jobs, she ran into a a blue girl and nearly piledrove her. But, somehow, she managed to strike up a friendship with the fox, who asked her to hang out. They went to the movies to see a long awaited movie Taela secretly desired. Following that, they had another day where they went to shop together and buy nice things.

Confusingly, she ended up on an alien vessel as a pilot - but was nearly killed in the process. As of this writing, she currently is frozen in a cryogenic bubble to preserve her life.

Taela is highly skilled in various forms of combat due to a noble's upbringing and subsequent jobs. She lacks many domestic skills and useful forms of knowledge.

Hand-to-Hand [Advanced]

Taela has spent many hours training with hand to hand combat techniques and has used them on various (life threatening) situations that encouraged mastery.

Firearms [Advanced]

Taela has spent many hours training with guns and has used them on various (life threatening) situations that encouraged mastery.

Powered Armor [Advanced]

Taela has spent many hours training with powered armor and has used them on various (life threatening) situations that encouraged mastery.

Construction [Beginner]

With some very useful aid and direction, Taela has learned how do build things (with her psionics).

Psi [Advanced]

Taela's well-honed in her psionics for having used them very frequently since leaving Shlock.

Senses [Intermediate]

Taela once had magic senses, but has since lost them. Now, she re-hones her psionic senses into something comparable.

Fitness [Advanced]

Taela spends most of her time engaged in physical activity, which helps her already fantastically augmented body become better.

Vehicles [Intermediate]

Taela is a capable driver.



  • Custom Power Armor - Lacks arm and torso plating, so just consists of legs, spine, arm enhancement, gloves, tail cover, and a helmet. Custom AI and can fold up for easy storage.



  • Way too much booze


  • A Soul Lens - a monocle-esque lens that allows the user to see the makeup of one's soul.


Taela is very well-off, having made a lot of money off of some very arduous and legally questionable tasks.

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