Ravnir Star Treader

Ravnir Star Treader of No Clan is a Raiken, an exile of the Raiconian Alliance. He currently drifts from place to place without a clear purpose, although he does try to think of a way to go home. Currently, he has found a 'home' with the Phoenix Team

Species Raiken Age 28
Weight 2,190 lbs (993kg) Height 9'0“ (2.74m)
Affiliations Exile of the Raiconian Alliance, Exile of his birthclan, Nurinkos, Friend to Phoenix Team
Occupation Outcast Organisation Phoenix Team
Rank None Home Ranil'inas
Theme The Nightmare Ends - Alex Roe

For a Raiken, Ravnir is rather lanky. He is tall, but he lacks the necessary bulk to make an intimidating presence, at least to his own people.

  • Face and Eyes - Ravnir's facial features are rough, adopting more of a rocky texture than a smooth metallic one. He has many blunt spikes along his jawline and brow. His eyes are gray with a tinge of gold, like most other magic users of his race.
  • Body - Ravnir is clad in dark gray plates and lighter gray scales. His limbs have a twisting, splitting spiral of white scales. His overall build is wiry, packing plenty of muscle like most of his kin, although he does not appear to. His scales are kept as well as he can keep them. Blunt spikes span from his shoulders to the end of his tail.
  • Distinguishing Features - Other than his unique scale pattern, Ravnir has no other physical features that set him apart from others that would look like him. However, he is prone delve into deep thought for no reason at all. This usually entails him rubbing his chin and humming aloud.


  • Themes: Spellcasting, Martial

“Spellblades, a unique breed of fighters who mix magic with sword to achieve devastating results.”

  • Racial Traits - Some perks come from just being born. In Ravnir's case, there's plenty of physical benefits.
    • Plated Scales - Ravnir's plated scales are nearly impervious to conventional weapons fire. His joints, belly, and neck are not as well armored, but are still highly resistant to small arms fire. This protection extends to fire and some acids.
    • Brute Strength - Ravnir is a Raiken, which means his strength is comparable to construction equipment. He is capable of smashing through walls, throwing lighter cars, and breaking the bones of less durable creatures without much effort. He is capable of lifting and moving things weighing less than him with minimal effort. Lifting things larger or heavier than him takes effort, but he can lift up to twice his own weight over his head. This does leads to issues when he is trying to be gentle. He frequently breaks things when he does not mean to, whether it is a door he is trying to open or the hand of someone he is greeting.
    • Minor Regeneration - Like all Raiken, Ravnir possesses a second circulatory system dedicated to healing and repairing the body. This will not help him in combat, but it is invaluable during recovery from severe wounds.
    • Tail - Ravnir's tail and the bladed-end of it, are not just for show. It is more than effective at being used as a weapon or force-based tool. His tail does lack fine motor control however, which means it cannot be used to grasp or wrap around things effectively.
    • Electrical Resistance - Although Ravnir's scales are metallic in nature, they are equally rock-like in nature. Lightning attacks are more likely to target him, but his more rock-like parts diffuse the damage. It's still a stunning experience.
  • Spellcasting - As a caster, Ravnir has practiced long and hard to refine his technique. Even though he's regarded as a heretic among his own people, Ravnir believes his magic is a gift from the Roshya.
    • Swift Cast - Delsir - Ravnir is more familiar with Delsir than any other spell. He is more adept at casting it to create his favored weapon, Cirul Aira.
    • Sure Cast - Delsir - Ravnir is more familiar with Delsir than any other spell. When he casts it, it is unlikely to fail in summoning Cirul Aira.
    • Endurance - Ravnir is physically healthy and can cast several spells before starting to feel minor side effects from overuse of magic. He cannot cast indefinitely however, especially if he is wounded. The weaker he becomes, the greater the chance he will black out when attempting a spell or for the spell to go wrong.
    • Mental Fortitude - Although Raiken are not particularly strong by default, being exposed to magic has strengthed Ravnir's mental defenses. He is less likely to submit to negative mental effects, such as panic, fear, confusion, and more.
  • Martial - Although he was never formally trained for combat, growing up as a Raiken always entails some sort of sparring and fighting experience.
    • Heavy Archaic Weapon Expert - Ravnir's is an expert on the use of heavier and larger archaic weapons. He swings Cirul Aira around with little problem and can do the same with weapons of a similar size and weight. Ravnir doesn't typically use smaller weapons since he is prone to break them. When Cirul Aira is not available, he will resort to his fists or creating a smaller version of Cirul Aira.
    • Charge! - Ravnir is prone to charging into combat with a roar, pumping himself up for the coming fight and intimidating his foes.
    • Earth Shaker - Even if Ravnir misses his target, the weight of the blade hitting the ground (If it does) is enough to make the ground shake, stunning less foot-steady and weighty beings.
    • Crushing Blows - Ravnir's attacks inflict blunt force. Despite his sword having a blade, it is rather dull. Armored opponents are likely to have their armor crushed from force while unarmored targets will have their internal bits ruptured.
    • Rage - When Ravnir is sufficiently injured, he'll let his anger out, ignoring pain and most injuries until the fight is over or he cannot move any longer. His blows come faster and harder, but not controlled in any way.
    • Sky Breaker - A favored move of his. It emulates a motion that a human would associate to baseball. He brings his sword along the ground and 'home-run' slams it into foes, sending them flying.

Psychology: Ravnir is a deceptively deep thinker, despite his brutish appearance. This comes in part from being outcast from his people. From the outside, he studied people and learned how they work. It wasn't until he was exiled that he truly learned that they feared him and he sought a way to alleviate that concern to be reunited with his family. His study into magic has lead him into deep introspection, where he has pondered various philosophical topics alone. Still, through all of his thought, he doesn't understand why the world acts as it does, even when clear answers for its problems are provided to it.

In a more normal setting, where he isn't pondering away his time by himself, he takes far more straight-forward paths in his thought process. If you want something, you go and get it. If you want to fight, you fight. This sort of thinking is ingrained from his upbringing and is the same sort of thought process that most Raiken share. When the situation isn't so clear-cut or he doesn't allow it to be so clear-cut, Ravnir will put his mind to work.

  • Likes - Observing the stars, stories, rubies, warm fires, company.
  • Dislikes - Sapphires, deep water, heights, eating alone, most forms of advanced technology, robots, darkness.
  • Goals - Return to his people without being seen as an abomination. Cease being an outcast.


Ravnir is a caster, an oddity among his people. As such, he was exiled for his abilities. Still, that did not keep him from practicing and refining his talents. Each spell he learns is through hearing a tale, following the tradition of Raiken story-telling. He is able to teach his spells to other magic-users of his race through telling tales and is able to learn in the same manner. His spells, like most Raiken casters, revolve around the manipulation of rock and metal, including the rock and metal in his own scales. Ravnir's personal spark is fire. To actually cast each spell, there is usually some small motion that must be made, particular to the spell being cast. Ravnir will say what the spell is in his native tongue as he does so.

Overuse of his casting abilities start to have physical side-effects, such as dizziness and muscle weakness. It can go as far as Ravnir blacking out.

  • Sarsk - 'Guard or Protect' - Sarsk can be used in two ways, depending on how the action is performed. Ravnir can raise rock or metal to create a wall in front of him by clenching a fist and performing an 'uppercut' of sorts, starting low to the ground. He can also manipulate his own scales to acquire a similar effect by assuming a stance one would assume if they were bracing against a shield. It is important to note that using his own body as a conduit is more taxing on his health than using the environment as a conduit.

…And he stood against thousands, arms held wide. Wounds covered his body, but he did not falter. Instead he cried out to the horde, 'As long as I have clan to protect, I shall not fall!'

  • Delsir - 'Fight or Attack' - Delsir has large variance when comparing the results of all the users of it. At its core, it turns rock and metal into a weapon, although the weapon created is unique to the caster. Ravnir's 'Delsir' weapon is an excessively large two-handed ultra greatsword which he calls 'Cirul Aira'. By human standards, it isn't even able to be wielded. The blade isn't sharp and it is nicked in many places, suggesting that actual danger of the weapon is its weight and the force behind it. To cast Delsir, Ravnir runs an open hand over the surface that will create his weapon. Ravnir is capable of using Delsir on his own body, but the blade will become part of his arm and will not be as long. It is important to note that using his own body as a conduit is more taxing on his health than using the environment as a conduit. Cirul Aira will crumble to dust when Ravnir is finished with the blade if was made from the environment or his scales will return to normal if it was made from his own body.

”… the blade skittered across the bloodied ground, the hilt stopping next to his foot. He reached for the weapon, but it did not give. 'A warrior's weapon is an extension of their body. They fight together and never can they betray one another' The defeated warrior answered before reaching for their blade and slaying the other.“

  • Erinsa - 'Move or Shift' - Erinsa has a wide variety of applications, from simply shifting an object a few meters to creating a miniature earthquake. In combat, Ravnir will typically use Erinsa to disrupt and disorient his opponents while he takes advantage of said disorientation. Still, he will use it for utility. To cast it, Ravnir plants his foot firmly on the ground and shifts his heel.

”…her foot met the earth and the force echoed across the sea. Mountains shattered, forests burnt, and rivers froze at the power of her voice, 'Move aside'. The world trembled.“

  • Lorsk - 'Want' - Lorsk is a spell that is intertwined with its casters 'soul'. It embodies their personal spark, making it a very emotionally charged spell. Ravnir's spark is bound to flame, as he burns with a desire to belong with his kin, even when they do not recognize him as anything but an abomination. Lorsk has a wide-range of effects, all linked to how Ravnir feels. When he is angry, flames erupt around him. When he is sad, it will produce nothing but a small flame in his hand.

”…when that fool of a sage uttered the word, they did not know the pain and joy they had wrought. The ruinous existence of seeking pleasures, rather than survival. An endless quest with temporary joy, but eternal despair.“

  • Sadi - 'Fire' - A simple, yet infinitely complex spell, Sadi summons forth fire from the caster. When used alone, Sadi typically results in a gout of flame erupting from the caster's palm, although it can be utilized in other ways. Typically, Sadi is combined with other spells to create various results.

”… and he looked to the flames with one hand held high, set to tame them like any other beast. ‘Follow my will!’ He roared. The flames obeyed.“

Personality - Ravnir is generally a talkative individual to anyone he meets, although he refrains from speaking to his kin, in fear that they will accuse him of heresy for his latent magical talents. He's inherently curious, breaking the mold of most traditionalist Raiken. He seeks out new and interesting things, although he is wary of many of them. His temperament can get a little dicey depending on the situation. He keeps a cool head most of the time, but it isn't unusual for him to lash out in a fit of rage, causing significant damage in the process. After being alone for so long, he seeks closer company that his clan would normally provide for him.

If Ravnir was compared to the majority of his kin, one would think he was the best natured Raiken out there, lacking most of the overtly aggressive behaviors that his kin share. That does not mean he isn't willing to fight at the drop of a hat. Ravnir will gladly engage in a fight or spar, a lasting tradition of his kin.

Affiliations and Beliefs

  • Affiliations
    • Raiconian Alliance: Exiled for Heresy (Display of Magic)
    • Clan Nurinkos: Exiled for Heresy (Display of Magic)
  • Beliefs: Although Ravnir is exiled and is seen as an abomination and a heretic, he still adheres to the Code of the Hero as best he can.


Ravnir has picked up the use of Basic through his travels, although he can have troubles remembering words or phrases correctly. Despite his time away from his people, he still speaks fluent Nulsaa vi Raiken (Speak of Raiken). He doesn't usually use his native tongue unless he is angry or inebriated. He will also cast using his native tongue.

Ravnir's upbringing was nothing out of the ordinary for his race. He was born to Clan Nurinkos, his father and mother were both farmers. He helped with the fields, he learned with the other children of the clan and sparred with them too. Some of the clan members were suspicious of his strange eye color and markings, but his parents shielded him. They needed the hands on the fields.

He grew like any other, quickly. Although, while his compatriots grew in size and height, Ravnir only grew in height. He wasn't saved from the ridicule it brought on from some of his peers. To be a Raiken was to be strong and Ravnir certainly didn't look it with his lanky appearance, despite all the work in the fields. He dealt with it and dealt with those who thought to challenge the 'weakling'. It was during one of those spars that his magical talent came forth. Ravnir cast 'Lorsk' for his first time and in his anger, he had killed his opponent.

The Clan was willing to overlook the murder, as it was somewhat common during spars, but they weren't willing to overlook the means. Magic. He had no idea what he had done or how he had done it. After being treated like a prisoner, he escaped and ran. He stowed himself away on a cargo vessel at the nearest spaceport while his Clan hunted for him.

Ravnir has been traveling for the better part of eight years, learning about the wider world's beautiful and ugly sides. He's been around, always looking for something new, making the best of his exile. His inherent curiosity led him to deepen his connection to his magic and ponder the world. Currently, he's doing as he has always done, wandering between planets, running from the Alliance if he thought they were close or following rumors of something interesting to be found. He spends a lot of time in taverns, bars, and pubs as well, trying to find the camaraderie and brotherhood that his kin always shared.

Ravnir's upbringing taught him much, mostly in the fields of physical prowess as Raiken warrior culture demands. Still, he has learned much in his travels, where he has been free to explore his magical talents without fear of reprisal. There has been no shortages of opportunities to display what he has learned in the streets either.

Archaic Weapons [Expert]

Ravnir and his 'Delsir' weapon, which he refers to as 'Cirul Aira', are a seamless pair. Although his blade is never truly the same each time he summons it, he fights with it as if he has never parted from it. He is capable of wielding it and weapons like it, with incredible familiarity.

Hand to Hand [Advanced]

Ravnir is more than capable of fighting without 'Cirul Aira' or other weapons. He is well-versed in how Raiken typically administer force, which is through sheer strength. Finer techniques are not lost on him, reversals and using ones power against themselves is another cornerstone of Raiken martial arts and Ravnir is no stranger. Of course, with the typical bunch he encounters outside of his home system, his power alone usually wins a fight.

Fitness [Advanced]

Ravnir may not be the bulkiest of his kin, but that doesn't mean he isn't fit. His wiry build holds no less strength than any other fit members of his race. He exercises frequently and ensures to balance his diet according to his needs.

Concentration [Intermediate]

Ravnir is not easily distracted when he has a goal in mind. Learned from hours of introspection and meditation, Ravnir has a solid grip on his own mind and thoughts. This is not to say he does not feel and act on emotion however.

Senses [Intermediate]

Merely being exposed to the magical realm has heightened Ravnir's senses. Although he is not educated on the wider use of magic, nor its origins, he does sense when something is changing in it.

Thaumatology [Intermediate]

Ravnir's study of spells has almost entirely come from his own introspection. Without a mentor, he has searched and experimented on his own, meaning it is less than perfect, but still refined. When he uses a spell, it usually achieves the result he intends. The exception is 'Delsir', which he has practiced far more than any other spell. His link to Cirul Aira is fairly strong.

Entertainment [Basic]

Ravnir makes an honest attempt at telling a good story, but he is far from practiced. He has been away from his people for such a long time that he has started to forget how the story-tellers evoke true emotion with their words.


  • A simple shortsword with his clan's name engraved on the blade. It is worn from time. Ravnir rarely uses it for anything, keeping it as a memento.
  • Roth Unarasis Gauss Revolver. It isn't in the best condition but still fires.
    • He only has one 'magazine' for it, which is 6 rounds.
    • It isn't advisable for anyone other than him to attempt to fire it. (Even though he doesn't really know how it works.)


  • Several robes of varying browns and blacks. Most are worn in and damaged.
  • Clan robe. It is gray with white trim. Although it worn, it is in far better condition than his other clothing.
    • Ravnir does not wear this robe. It keeps it as a memento.
  • A small bag to hold his meager possessions.


  • A couple half-filled journals
    • Some record his travels, others are recordings of the tales he has heard.
  • Some charcoal for writing.


  • A small bag full of rubies.
    • He considers these to be a delicacy, not something to be sold.


Ravnir is rather poor, although he does not see himself as poor. Where he comes from, there is no currency, so he does not see having a lack of currency as a problem. He does see having a distinct lack of food as a problem and he will frequently trade favors for some. Either that or he steals it with little thought to the consequences. As such, he is frequently relocating to avoid potential pursuers and authorities.

Wallet Total: 4000

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