Mister Snuffles

Mister Snuffles is a chelti, working for themselves as a part-time bounty hunter residing in Sargasso for the time being.

Character Logo or Sprite Mister Snuffles
Character Picture
Species Chelti Age 9
Weight 80kg~ Height 190cm (6'1“)
Affiliations Phoenix Team
Occupation Bounty Hunter Organisation Phoenix Team
Rank N/A Home Sargasso
Theme El-Heuvro - Daisuke

Mister Snuffles is a chelti of the Plains ethnicity, average sized for their age, and in appearance unremarkable. Is almost always scene where quilted armor that doubles as a riding suit

  • Face and Eyes - Mister Snuffles has the rounded look of a Plains chel and large, white eyes with yellow pupils
  • Hair - Rather than hair, Snuffles has a plain headcrest to the human eye, brown and unadorned.
  • Body - Mister Snuffles is lean and tall like many of their race, with tough leathery skin and thick callous upon their arms, legs, and chest.
  • Distinguishing Features - Traditional clan scars line the right arm, the markings are intricate and meaningless to those no steeped in clan knowledge.
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Psychology: Mister Snuffles is a reserved individual who enjoys human activities for their novelty. They need a drink to survive the working day, and likes the color purple.

  • Likes - Beer, long walks along the beach, staring at sunsets, small ugly animals, and daring-do.
  • Dislikes - Authority, bad smells, the ocean (or other large bodies of water), big monsters.
  • Goals - Avoid the draft.

Personality - Snuffles is a somewhat reserved individual about themselves, but will remark in curiosity about almost anything that takes their interest. Finding anything that doesn't follow their expectations to be some novel human thing and worthy of investigation.

Affiliations and Beliefs

Belongs to the Pheonix Team, the Chelti gestalt, and occasional at Harumi's.

Opposed to Tanhauss Gruppen.


Snuffles speaks a few chelti languages, and slightly halting Trade. Their writing is a few grades below their speaking ability, however.

Not much is known about Mister Snuffles before they arrived at Sargasso an indeterminate time ago, however they have been registered as a legal bounty hunter for some time, and probably a police record before that. Seems to have a large pool of aunties, uncles, and cousins who all live in the same area of town in an unofficial ghetto.

Mister Snuffles first appeared during an errant shopping trip, running into Luca Pavone while chasing after a gang of apachoppers on the loose. Accepting an invitation to meet later, Mister Snuffles found themselves in the basement with a passed out Luca, Allison, and an overgrown slime monster.

Snuffles came back later to meet the crew Pavone was putting together out of curiosity, and quickly became invovled in a running battle with a giant yabbie monster terrorizing the city that morning. After rodeoing on the giant critters back and eating its way into what might have been its brain, Snuffles was finally thrown off the critters back, carrying the magical object which had created it in their mouth.

The day was saved. Snuffles spent the next few hours with a bad taste in their mouth. Together with the other PT members, they went to the warehouse Luca had commandeered and helped defend it from baddies who came to try and kill them before their do-gooder ways could lead to trouble.

Snuffles then spent some time relaxing before being called to assist one of the members of the Pheonix team as their compound was under attack. Snuffles caused a minor street disaster en route to the compound and was tracked as a minor weather hazard by the Sargasso Meteorology center. Upon arriving at the compound Snuffles delayed the attacking gangs of apachoppers with less lethal weapons, and finally engaging in fisticuffs with a dozen men before help arrived.

Snuffles decided to take the quiet way to the place of business they had tracked the horde of gangers from and was promptly ignored when attempting to warn other members of the crew about traps before having to work again on crowd control while a giant robot stomped around the place.

  • Expert Weapon User (Improvised)
  • Advanced Weapon User Guns
  • Advanced Hand-To-Hand
  • Intermediate Vehicle Driver (Bikes)
  • Intermediate Fitness
  • Intermediate Stealth
  • Intermedate Weapon User (Archaic)

Weapon User (Improvised) [Expert]

Being in a profession that requires quick wits and out of the box thinking, when dealing with uncooperative perps anything can be used as weapon. Literally anything.

Weapon User (Guns) [Advanced]

The use of weaponry and ballistics, also knowing where they safety is. Snuffles is able to use energy or ballistic weapons, lethal or otherwise, competently and accurately.

Hand-To-Hand [Advanced]

With chelti speed, reflexes, and brutal style emphasized by their natural claws, Snuffles sure can fight.

Vehicle Driver [Intermediate]

Being an avid motorcycle driver, Snuffles is rather good at working around the Sargasso traffic, and over it.

Fitness [Intermediate]

Snuffles is good in both the sprint and endurance events, excellent for chasing down perps.

Stealth [Intermediate]

Quiet enough to sneak into most buildings and tag sleeping perps.

Weapon User (Archaic) [Intermediate]

Similar to Weapon User (Improvised), but better for beating people unconscious with blunt objects built for the taste.


Theme: Alien, Badass, Weapons Profiency, Sensory Organs.

  • Alien
    • Claws - A set of sharp claws on hands and feet.
    • Eyesight - Chelti eyes can see mildly into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, enough to detect some laser based traps.
    • Climbing - Chelti are naturally excellent climbers.
    • Dauntless - Never ones to fear challenge, Snuffles takes thrill seeking to new heights.
  • *Badass*
    • Weapons Profiency - Snuffles can fight well enough with almost anything to deal with your better than average criminal scum.
    • Intimidation - Sometimes a large scary alien is enough to make perps give in.


Snuffles knows no spells, apart from being a badass.


  • Swordcatcher
  • Intimidation Shotgun


  • Gel armor riding jacket
  • Tough pants
  • Riding helmet (chelti)
  • Shirt, plain and white.
  • Underwear (unspecified)
  • Boots with holes at the top for the large dew claw.


  • Mountain Crawler


  • A shared apartment in Sargasso


  • Bike tools
  • Hammer
  • Bigger hammer



Snuffles is an individual generally of modest living, although bringing in cash from lucrative Phoenix Team jobs has very much put them in the green.

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