Breyja Sarn

Breyja Sarn is a Maidenhand Medic and Recon specialist in the Employ of Luca Pavone. A Former UDD Combat Medic that happened to be in the right place at the right time. Born in Sargasso, and boasts that nothing has managed to kill her yet, so she’ll probably die in Sargasso. She may or may not be all there. Jus’ sayin’…

Character Logo or Sprite Breyja Umaeki-Triellis Sarn
Species MaidenHand Age 26
Weight 126lbs Height 163cm (5’3”)
Affiliations Unity Protocol,Phoenix Team
Occupation Medic/Recon Organisation Phoenix Team
Rank Operator Home Sargasso
Theme Imagine Dragons - I’m so Sorry
  • Face and Eyes -Breyja’s almond shaped eyes are a light pink, almost red. Her cheekbones are high and her face wears smile lines. She is usually devoid of any makeup, showing off her creme complexion and allowing her face to draw one's attention to her eyes.
  • Hair - Long red hair, usually lightened to an almost pink tint and kept in check with a simple ponytail.
  • Body - For her short stature, Breyja’s body is densely packed muscle, and built for her vocation: Combat. While not considerably busty she’s quite happy with slender, athletic figure and size. On her left shoulder she has a living record of Ranks, starting from her date of enlistment and then terminating after 7 years of service at the equivalent of a Sergeant. Her right sholder bears a large black five pointed star.
  • Distinguishing Features - Oddly enough Breyja has a scar that starts at the center of her left eyebrow and terminated just at the top of her cheek under her left eye.


Theme: Combat Medic, Logistics & Sniper

  • Equipment -
    • Medics Bag, MilSpec - Breyja carries a modified version of a standard military grade Medics bag, Aside from carrying gear designed for every known species she has added in a few extra items such a heavy sedatives, Power-armor release clamps - Designed to be placed on the access ports of any model of power armor the release clamps electronically slice into its systems and trigger emergency release of all plating. She also keeps a cheap Umlat hand stunner inside.
    • SuperKel-Umojan Type-59 Sniper rifle - The Type 59 is a downsized Anti-tank Railgun than can dial back it’s charge for Anti-personnel work, or for Anti-Armor work. The rifle is SK-UM’s middle of the road approach as it uses swappable Qwik-Discharge Capacitors, Barrel vented heat sinks and can fire any ferrous material upto 12mm in size. For Anti-tank work it fires a 12mm Fin-stabilised-discarding-Sabot shape charged spike, the spike provides the shaped charge a channel in which to funnel its explosion in order to increase penetration depth.
    • Personal Armor - When wearing armor she opts for a form fitting ballistic bodysuit designed to stop most hand held Kinetic slashing type weapons, and is highly resistant to most common small arms rounds. The rest of the armor is comprised of light modular plating designed to protect from a wide variety of Kinetic, thermal or EM weaponry. It doesn’t provide full protection, but it covers the vital areas. (see picture for details.)
    • KillerMan Assault SMG - Breyja’s backup weapon of choice. A 30 round, fully automatic KillerMan Tactical Assault SMG. Each clip is filled in a 1:1 ratio of AP rounds followed by Anti-personnel wadcutter. She usually has a holosight attached with a Infrared/High-intensity flashlight combo off the left side of the barrel.
  • Martial Skills - As a Maidenhand Breyja is tougher, faster and orders of magnitude stronger than her compact frame would lead one to believe. The Merc unit she was born into was a special operations group who preferred stealth and tactical takedowns over brute force and letting their presence be known. She has extensive Krav Maga and Muay Thai training to augment her preference for using Judo and Taekwondo’s kicks and throws in order to use a larger opponents body and momentum against them.
    • Recon Training - Breyja’s taken extensive training in Recon and scouting as part of merc units abroad and within sovereign militaries around the system. Using landscape both urban or natural to remain hidden and employing a number of disguises and showing a willingness to find unconventional solutions in order to obtain intel.
    • Neural C3 Implants - Standing for ‘Command, Control, Communications’ her NC3 Implant has a number of multi-spectrum uses in order to ensure she remains in secure, reliable contact with her superior and subordinates and providing a way for her to hijack enemy comms or encrypted sources with some skill in order to support her role as both a Recon sniper and Medic.
    • Medical - Learning the basics of medical training has saved her hide, and those around her a number of times, supplemented with formal Military training Breyja is capable of any medical task short of full surgery. Fishing bullets out and setting a bone with a Air Splint yes,Putting your guts back inside your body - maybe. digging a round out of a brain? Not so much.
    • ’Acquisitions’ Specialist - Breyja has a penchant for acquiring non-standard equipment, weaponry and various other items left unsecured around her. Usually manifesting itself in combat by her own term of ‘Combat Re-supply’ with a fondness towards stealing enemy equipment and using it against them under the explanation of ‘If I kill them with their stuff, I don’t have to worry about running out of my own.’

Psychology: Highly compartmentalised, borderlining on detachment at times depending on where her mind is at a given moment. Breyja’s training shows in her ability to change ‘faces or masks’ at a given moment from cocky and arrogant to intimidating and methodically tactical. She also has shown a willingness to operate independently and in her own interests when the situation arises and take initiative to come up with improvised ad-hoc plans and execute them with startling effectiveness. Outside of work on her downtime Breyja’s personality flips. Outgoing, loud, bubbly and warm to the point of being an open book. Her status as a ‘finger’ in Maidenhand society may have something to do with it, as she generally drifts from place to place looking for work and then moving on unless offered something to keep her around.

  • Likes - Money, Gambling, beach sports, Boxing, thrill seeking past times, Prizefighting, hard liquor and military documentaries - favouring historic battles.
  • Dislikes - Military Brass, Bureaucrats and politicians, government corruption, population exploitation by Mega-corps. Not being Paid.
  • Goals - Short: Find a steady unit to operate with. Long term: Establish a posse. Everything else falls between the two.

Personality - Professional and focused when on the job and given a task that needs completing, yet warm, friendly and always looking to help out others and providing a healthy amount of sass and smartassery within a reasonable limit, she however is quick to inform people she takes absolutely nothing seriously and that life for her is a game.

Affiliations and Beliefs

Breyja is on friendly and good terms with the UDD as her first choice of careers was within the UDD as a recon specialist in the UDD Army itself. She served with only a few minor infractions on her record, mainly for her attitude towards life off duty and penchant for securing non-standard equipment.

Breyja firmly believes in the Goddess figure all Maidenhands follow.

So far Breyja has done her best to avoid riling up any big name heavy hitters, or public figures. Operating under an assumed name where she can in order to do so. Except possibly Gruppen Tanhauss’ inhouse Vogeljäeger Security group as she recently helped Luca Pavone clean out an infestation of them in Sargasso.


Breyja often takes the time to study the local language as best she can to become conversationally active, a requirement when you interact with so many species daily. Breyja’s NC3 offers her the ability to converse with synthetics on their own languages, albeit rudimentarily until further examination of proper protocols and coding is found.

Breyja grew up in the Soldier for Hire environment of her parents Posse of Mercs that collectively labeled themselves ‘BlackStar Mercenary Services’. From the moment she was able to walk she was a handful. Wanting to learn and expand and get her hands into everything in sight she could. From sneaking into trunk spaces when the unit went out on patrols, something that often landed her in extremely hot water and tended to color her personality a little.

When it came time for her to strike out on her own she decided the fastest way to accomplish her goals in life was to enlist in the UDD Army and receive proper military training she otherwise wouldn’t have ever received. She wasted no time volunteering for both medical positions and scout sniper positions as they were made available. After her first tenure of enlistment was completed she began applying and enlisting in private militaries and mercenary units whenever the need for solid work with tangible benefits made themselves available. Acquiring a number of skills and implants to help her accomplish her roles. Sometime as a dedicated medic, other times as a sniper or spy.

Currently Breyja lives as a citizen of Sargasso and has put down tentative roots in the soldier for hire community there, and private security outfits looking for new blood. Her most recent contact has been with a woman she refers to as ‘Madam Client’ who has seen fit to set her up with Luca Pavone’s Phoenix Team.

Breyja’s skillset represents her diverse training and ability to improvise in any given situation.

Guns [Advanced]

The stock and trade of any soldier, they live and die by their weapons. And Breyja has taken a lot of time to get familiar and cozy with a wide variety equipment.

Stealth [Expert]

Breyja’s stock and trade is stealth, covert operations and being able to hide in plain sight, steal and kill without being spotted. She finds particular pleasure in applying her skills against other soldiers and private security forces to gauge the level of threat they pose her.

Hand to Hand [Intermediate]

Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo and Krav Maga training makes her a decidedly slippery opponent, she compensates for her lack of mass with the ability to land devastatingly accurate kicks, elbows and throws.

Physical [Intermediate]

Rigorous military training, a life constantly on the move and personal physical training with parkour and endurance running.

Equipment Operation [Intermediate]

Understanding how her equipment works, when it won’t and how to best use it to maximum advantage is second nature to her by now after having spent enough time in and out of freelance units and her time within a professional fighting force.

Medicine [Advanced]

No Maidenhand would consider herself complete without basic field medical training. Breyja took that to a new level in order to ensure she could be self sufficient in the field and with a unit in order to maximize their survivability. She carries one of two field kits depending on the mission, a basic kit for herself and basic patch jobs on her comrades, and a full field medic’s bag incase she needs to put a person back together.


  • Kellerman SMG
  • SK-UM 12mm Railgun
  • forearm length combat knife/short sword, Mono-edged


  • Combat gear - Bodysuit, body plating.
  • Civilian clothing, simple, soft shoes, t-shirt, shorts.
  • Casual business attire (skirt/hose/heels/shirt/jacket)


  • Civilian model two-Wheeled Sport bike

Black and grey fairings, extra paneling for concealment of her combat gear.


  • Single bedroom apartment #103 located in Middleton.


  • Tac visor & Tactical Goggles
  • Milspec Multi-tool
  • NC3 Implant (Communications/Real-time mapping/telemetry/Cyberware suite)


  • Dogtags, Mothers - BlackStar Military Services 103174 Triellis, Illiana A. No-Pref-Recd, A Pos.
  • Former UDD Army Tags - Triellis, Breyja U. UDD#1701AE, No-Pref-Recd, O Pos


Breyja’s account is currently still in the black, she has enough for day to day expenses, but for long term living she’s contracted herself out as a Soldier for Hire, currently contract is held by ‘Madam Client’ for working with Phoenix Team.

Liquid on hand to spend: 1150000 UC

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